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Pierre-Laurent Baudey

Pro Tem Instructor

Affiliations: Sports Product Management
Office: 109 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97209



Pierre-Laurent Baudey has built a proven track record delivering transformative business results in multiple countries around the world. After earning a master's degree from ESCP Business School in Paris, France spending and eight years in the advertising industry, Baudey made his mark at Nike, where he worked for 22 years leading marketing efforts across some of the company's major brand transformations and launches, such as Nike Football, Nike Women, and Nike Plus.

Baudey is the founder of PLB LAB, a brand growth consultant, a board advisor, and a International Coaching Federation-certified coach. More recently, he has worked as a consultant for such brands as Vans and Timberland on projects ranging from branding and marketing to membership and product concept creation.

Pulling from his more than 30 years in the creative industry—as well as his passion for consumers, for sports, and for creative ideas—Baudey crafted UO Sports Product Management program's ideation module.

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