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Brady Twedt

Associate Professor of Accounting | Miner Research Scholar

Affiliations: Accounting, Undergraduate Programs
Phone: 541-346-4795
Office: Anstett 398D



Brady Twedt is an associate professor in the School of Accounting and Miner Research Scholar at the Lundquist College of Business. His expertise includes capital markets, information intermediaries, and voluntary disclosure. His research on these topics has been published in journals including the Journal of Accounting and Economics, The Accounting Review, Review of Accounting Studies, Contemporary Accounting Research, and Management Science. He currently serves on the editorial boards of The Accounting Review and Contemporary Accounting Research.

Twedt has taught undergraduate and PhD level courses. He received his PhD from Texas A&M University. Before joining the Lundquist College, he was a faculty member at Indiana University.

Degree History:
  • PhD, Accounting, Texas A&M University, 2013
  • BS, Accounting, Utah State University, 2009
Previous Positions:
  • Assistant Professor of Accounting, Indiana University, 2013–2018
Honors and Awards:
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, The Accounting Review, 2022
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of Oregon, 2021
  • Outstanding Discussant Award, Financial Accounting Research Section, 2021
  • Miner Research Scholar, University of Oregon, 2020–2022
  • Excellence in Reviewing Award, Financial Accounting Research Section, 2017

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Areas of Expertise

  • Capital markets
  • Information intermediaries
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Financial reporting

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Journal Articles:

Bradshaw, Mark, Michael Drake, Joseph Pacelli, and Brady Twedt. "Brokerage House IPOs and Analyst Forecast Quality." Management Science, forthcoming.

December 2022

Campbell, Brett, Michael Drake, Jacob Thornock, and Brady Twedt. "Earnings Virality." Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming.

June 2022

Drake, Michael S., James R. Moon Jr., Brady J. Twedt, and James D. Warren. "Social Media Analysts and Sell-Side Analyst Research." Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.

February 2022

Rees, Lynn, and Brady Twedt. "Political Bias in the Media's Coverage of Firms' Financial Reporting." The Accounting Review 97, no. 1: 389-411.

January 2022

Coleman, Braiden, Michael S. Drake, Joseph Pacelli, and Brady J. Twedt. "Brokerage Relationships and Analyst Forecasts: Evidence from the Protocol for Broker Recruiting." Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming.

October 2021

Campbell, John L., Brady J. Twedt, and Benjamin C. Whipple. "Trading Prior to the Disclosure of Material Information: Evidence from Regulation Fair Disclosure Form 8-Ks." Contemporary Accounting Research 38, no. 1: 412-442.

March 2021

Drake, Michael S., Peter R. Joos, Joseph Pacelli, and Brady J. Twedt. "Analyst Forecast Bundling." Management Science 66, no. 9: 4024-4046.

September 2020

Bentley, Kathleen A., Thomas C. Omer, and Brady J. Twedt. "Does Business Strategy Impact a Firm's Information Environment?" Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Finance 34, no. 4: 563-587.

October 2019

McMullin, Jeff L., and Brian P. Miller, and Brady J. Twedt. "Increased Mandated Disclosure Frequency and Price Formation: Evidence from the 8-K Expansion Regulation." Review of Accounting Studies 24, no. 1: 1-33.

March 2019

Drake, Michael S., Jacob R. Thornock, and Brady J. Twedt. "The Internet as an Information Intermediary." Review of Accounting Studies 22, no. 2: 543-576.

June 2017

Twedt, Brady. "Spreading the Word: Price Discovery and Newswire Dissemination of Management Earnings Guidance." The Accounting Review 91, no. 1: 317-346.

January 2016

Rees, Lynn, Nathan Sharp, and Brady Twedt. "Who's Heard on the Street? Determinants and Consequences of Financial Analyst Coverage in the Business Press." Review of Accounting Studies 20, no. 1: 173-209.

March 2015

Drake, Michael S., Nicholas M. Guest, and Brady J. Twedt. "The Media and Mispricing: The Role of the Business Press in the Pricing of Accounting Information." The Accounting Review 89, no. 5: 1673-1701.

September 2014

Twedt, Brady, and Lynn Rees. "Reading Between the Lines: An Empirical Examination of Qualitative Attributes of Financial Analysts' Reports." Journal of Accounting and Public Policy 31, no. 1: 1-21.

January 2012

Rees, Lynn, and Brady Twedt. "The Stock Price Effects from Downward Earnings Guidance Versus Beating Analysts': Forecasts: Which Effect Dominates?" Accounting and Business Research 41, no. 2: 95-118.

May 2011

Skousen, Christopher J., and Brady James Twedt. "Fraud Score Analysis in Emerging Markets." Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal 16, no. 3: 301-316. Reprinted in The Korean Institute of Certified Public Accountants Monthly Journal and in IUP Journal of Corporate and Securities Law.

July 2009

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