Project Timeline

Every project is led by a dedicated project manager and a team of our well-trained student consultants and managed in a professional manner with a clear statement of work and weekly status update meetings.

Project Scoping

The project scoping process involves a meeting with business development members to understand needs, refine details and breadth of scope, and create a statement of work.

Scoping Meeting
Initial meeting with potential client. The consultant team learns about the problem the business is facing and how OCG can help.

Project information is developed and key steps are synthesized.

Statement of Work First Draft
The first draft of the project's statement of work is created—including background information, key steps, and deliverables.

Editing Phase
The consultant team and client enter a cycle of review and revision until the statement of work satisfies both parties.

Project Finalized
The statement of work is sent to contracting and the commitment is final.

Project Structure

Once a project scope of work is contracted, a project team is staffed with a senior manager and project manager to guide the direction, and three to four consultants to perform the research and analysis defined in the scope of work. A fully staffed project provides more than 400 hours of research and analysis throughout the 10-week engagement. Research and analyses are constantly aligned with client goals throughout the term with weekly client meetings that provide updates on progress and introduce important findings.

Deliverables and Final Presentation

The typical project deliverable consists of an executive summary final presentation format that outlines the critical research and recommendations with an extensive and comprehensive appendix detailing the approach, raw data and research, and supporting analyses that drive recommendations. Examples of more tangible deliverables include cost benefit analyses, financial budgets and models, and written reports.