MS Finance Scholarships and Funding

The Lundquist College of Business is committed to enrolling exceptional students dedicated to learning in our experiential-based model.

Financial assistance can come in the form of scholarships, loans, federal work-study and university fellowships. Upon application, candidates may be considered for merit-based scholarships. Scholarships are based on academic and professional qualifications and are not need-based. Financial aid comes from a variety of sources, including the Lundquist College of Business, federal government, and public and private sources.


Graduate Student Scholarships

Lundquist Admissions awards merit-based scholarships to incoming students who are fully admitted to the MSF program. No application is needed—decisions are made during the admissions process and are based on GMAT/GRE, GPA, and work experience. Award amount varies and will be communicated to students at the time of admission.

International Student Scholarships

Both need- and merit-based scholarships specifically for non-U.S. students are available through the UO Office of International Affairs.

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Graduate Employee Opportunities

GE positions involve teaching or administrative tasks and are offered by departments and units across campus. GE positions carry a tuition waiver and are paid a stipend of approximately $6,100–14,950 per year for 8–20 hours of work per week. Anyone qualified may apply regardless of citizenship. Individual qualifications are determined by the hiring department or unit. For details on GE benefits and current postings, visit the University of Oregon Graduate School website.

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Federal Loans and Work Study

First- and second-year domestic and permanent resident students are eligible for need-based aid offered by the UO Office of Financial Aid. The amount awarded varies but holds a $20,500 maximum. Applications are made via FAFSA.

Visit UO Office of Financial Aid

Private Lender Loans

Contact Sallie Mae for a private loan if you are

  • an international applicant with a U.S. citizen or resident cosigner
  • a domestic applicant who has exhausted the maximum eligibility for federal loans

MPower and Prodigy Financial also offer loans to international students without needing a US-Citizen cosigner.