PhD Program Application Process

PhD applications for fall 2024 consideration are closed. Fall 2024 applicants will be notified of an admission decision by early April 2024 at the latest. If you have applied and would like to update your contact email, please contact Fall 2025 applications will open in September 2024.

A completed application consists of

  1. Business PhD Departmental Application

    The business PhD departmental application provides additional information that is needed to complete your application for the Lundquist College of Business doctoral program.

  2. UO Graduate Admission Application and Application Fee

    Applicants are required to pay the non-refundable $70.00 (U.S. applicants) or $90.00 (international applicants) application fee at the time their UO graduate admission application is submitted. Applicants who have submitted a complete business PhD departmental application (including letters of recommendation) and can provide evidence of compelling financial need may request an application fee waiver by emailing a written request to Please note that evidence of compelling financial need does not guarantee an application fee waiver.

  3. Up-to-date Resume (submit online via departmental application)

    Resumes must include the month and year for position duration (for example, "January 2018–October 2020: Account Representative").

  4. Statement of Purpose (submit online via departmental application) 

    Please submit a personal statement of approximately 1,000 words that (1) states your professional goals and areas of academic interest; (2) describes your academic, professional, and personal experiences that have prepared you for the PhD program, (3) gives your reasons for pursuing a PhD degree in your chosen field and (4) why you are applying to the University of Oregon.

  5. Writing Sample (submit online via departmental application)

    Please include a paper or article that you have written relevant to your chosen field. The Lundquist College of Business supports PhD students principally through research and teaching assistantships and teaching assignments. Examples of materials that might be submitted include a paper written for a course (within the last five years), a paper published in a professional journal (within the last three years), or a paper specifically prepared for the application. Writing samples must be in English. Contact your program's PhD coordinator if you have questions about the types of materials that qualify as a writing sample.

  6. Three (3) Letters of Recommendations (register recommenders online via departmental application)

    After you register your recommenders online via the departmental application, your recommenders will be automatically directed to a recommendation website linked to your application. Ideally, your recommendations would come from persons who can provide information about your academic abilities and suitability for PhD-level study. You can submit your departmental application BEFORE your recommendations have been received.

  7. Transcripts (two-part process)

    1. Upload unofficial transcripts from all colleges and universities you attended to the PhD departmental application.
    2. If admitted to the program, submit official transcripts to the University of Oregon Office of the Registrar. Please follow official transcript requirements as detailed by the UO Graduate School website.

      Office of the Registrar mailing address:
      University of Oregon
      Office of the Registrar
      5257 University of Oregon
      Eugene OR 97403-1217

    Official Electronic Transcripts: Official electronic transcripts should be sent to: (To check on the status of official transcripts/degree certificates received by the University of Oregon, please call the registrar at 541-346-2935.)

    Degree in Progress: If you have not yet finished your degree at the time of application, you will still need to submit your in-progress "unofficial" transcript via the PhD online departmental application. However, you do NOT need to send your official (in-progress) transcript to the Office of the Registrar until AFTER your degree is conferred and the degree and award date are printed on the transcript.

    Degree Certificate: If your degree and degree award date are not posted on the transcript, as is the case with most international transcripts, you will need to include the related degree certificate with your transcript.

    View additional transcript details for international applicants

    (To check on the status of official transcripts/degree certificates received by the University of Oregon, please call the Registrar at 541-346-2935.)

  8. Official GMAT or GRE Score Report

    GMAT or GRE test scores are an important part of the PhD application. To be a competitive candidate for a Lundquist College PhD program, candidates will submit an unofficial GMAT or GRE test score.* Official scores will only be required if admitted to the program.

    Submitting a GMAT or GRE score provides the admission committee with additional evidence of your quantitative skills and abilities to help set you apart from other candidates in the application evaluation process.

    In the case of multiple GMAT, GMAT Focus Edition, or GRE scores, we consider the highest overall score. You may submit unofficial test scores to be evaluated for admission and will only need to submit official scores if offered admission. Please allow up to four weeks for official scores to be received.

    Submitting official GMAT scores: You can submit your official GMAT score report by selecting the GMAT business school program name Charles H. Lundquist College of Business – PhD Program (code = KSQ-5N-72).

    Submitting official GRE scores: You can submit your official GRE score report by using the GRE institutional code for the University of Oregon (4846) and the GRE departmental code for business administration and management (4201).

    *Accounting, finance, management, and operations and business analytics candidates may elect to apply "test optional." Test optional candidates must submit a test optional statement, in which they will provide evidence of their qualifications and why those qualifications merit waiving the test score requirement.

  9. Language Competency

    Applicants whose native language is not English must fulfill additional language proficiency requirements. ("Native language" is defined as the language you spoke at home since birth AND the language you spoke and wrote as your primary language in school beginning at age five and continuing through the rest of your education.) The language competency requirement cannot be waived. Applicants may submit unofficial TOEFL or IELTS scores and are only required to submit official scores if admitted to the program.

    Submitting Official TOEFL or IELTS Academic Score Report: The score report is valid for 2 years only. ETS must send a TOEFL score report to the University of Oregon, Institutional Code: 4846.

    It can take up to 30 days from the time of your request for official ETS scores to be available in the UO system. Plan your request so that ETS scores are available prior to application deadlines.

    View Additional Requirements for International Applicants