International Student Admissions Information

The University of Oregon is an international campus and welcomes students from around the world who seek to an advanced education.

  • Business is among the most popular majors for international students.
  • Citizens from more than 40 countries are represented about out business students.
  • Business students study abroad more then any other major on campus.
  • The UO provides tailored support to internationals students for admissions, housing, career services, and more.

Undergraduate International Admissions

International students interested in studying business at the University of Oregon follow the same admissions process as U.S. students, but have additional requirements when applying. These additional requirements include providing official exam results to prove English proficiency, as well as verification of visa and financial documentation upon admission. International applicants who have been offered admission will work directly with the UO Office of International Student and Scholar Services on required additional documentation. 

Graduate International Admissions

International students seeking admission to one of the Lundquist College of Business graduate programs apply directly to those programs in the same manner as domestic U.S. students. In addition, international applicants whose native language is not English must meet one of the following language proficiency requirements. ("Native language" is defined as the language you spoke at home since birth AND the language you spoke and wrote as your primary language in school beginning at age five and continuing through the rest of your education.)

Method Minimum Requirement
IELTS (Academic) 7.0 (MBA, MSF) or 7.5 (MAcc, PhD) overall band score
Degree from English-speaking country* Submit degree transcripts proving that you received a bachelor's degree or higher from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or from an institution in the following countries: Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

*Applicants currently working toward a bachelor's degree must submit a copy of their most recent language proficiency score report as part of the graduate program's application process. You will then be conditionally exempt from the requirement pending completion of your bachelor's degree prior to the start of your first term in the graduate program.

Submitting Official ETS TOEFL Language Scores: ETS must send a TOEFL score report to the University of Oregon, Institutional Code: 4846

It can take up to 30 days from the time of your request for official ETS scores to be available in the UO system. Plan your request so that ETS scores are available prior to application deadlines.

Additional Language Requirement Details

International Transcripts

In addition to meeting language proficiency requirements, the University of Oregon Graduate School requires international applicants seeking an advanced degree to have an accredited degree equivalent to a U.S. four-year bachelor's degree. Additionally, the credentials must be received from an institution recognized by the country’s educational body that oversees institutional approval, such as the Ministry of Education. 

Official Transcripts: All records from foreign institutions must be official. Official records are defined as original documents from the institution bearing the actual (not photocopied) signature of the registrar and the seal of the institution. Records issued only once by the institution should be photocopied and certified as official copies either by school officials or legal authorities, such as embassies, consulates, or notaries public. Do not send the original of an academic record that cannot be replaced; obtain a properly certified copy instead.

English Translations: Official transcripts with certified English translations of all college or university work are required. Official degree certificates with certified English translations are also required if the degree and conferral date do not appear on the transcripts.

View a List of Countries Where This Requirement Applies

Degree in progress: If you have not yet finished your degree at the time of application, you will still need to submit your in-progress unofficial transcript via the online Oregon MBA departmental application. However, you do NOT need to send your official (in-progress) transcript to the Office of the Registrar until after your degree is conferred.

Degree Certificate: If transcripts or mark sheets do not indicate the degree conferred, applicants must also submit a degree certificate in English and in the original language. Both versions must be marked by a stamp in a different colored ink or raised seal by the university. If academic records and diplomas are not issued in English by the institution, both the official records in their original language and an authorized English translation must be sent. All translations should be complete and literal renditions of the original records. Institutions using the Pass/No Pass grading system should provide a written course evaluation for each class.

Official transcripts and applicable degree certificates should be sent to:

University of Oregon
Office of the Registrar
5257 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Contact the Graduate School at with questions.

Once You Have Been Accepted

International applicants who have been offered admission to one of graduate programs will work directly with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) in order to provide visa and financial verification. If you currently have a visa, you still need to contact the ISSS office in order to ensure that your visa is in compliance.

Visa Process

Most international students attending the UO hold a student (F-1) visa. International students will receive a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) after admission to the UO. To obtain a student visa, the Form I-20 must be presented to a U.S. embassy consulate.

Some international students come as exchange students or are sponsored by international agencies and enter the United States as exchange visitors. In this case, the UO or program sponsors will provide the student with Form DS-2019, needed to obtain an exchange visitor (J-1) visa.

International graduate students completing an advanced degree at the UO and continuing on with a second advanced degree must update academic program information with the Office of International Student and Scholar Services to ensure that their I-20 or DS-2019 remain valid.

Additional information may be reviewed on the following websites:

Financial Certification

U.S. Government regulations require that the University of Oregon verify the availability of sufficient financial support for non-immigrant students before a Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20 or DS-2019) can be issued. International students must submit the Financial Certification and Immigration Information Form along with supporting financial documents (for example, graduate employment appointment contract, scholarship award letter, and/or bank statements) to

View Estimated Expenses

Students planning to be sponsored by an agency, government, or other sponsor should submit the Statement of Financial Support Form along with proof of financial support from the personal sponsor, such as a relative, friend, or employer. Proof of financial support should be sent from the sponsoring agency (for example, a letter from the sponsor and copies of the sponsor’s bank statement).

See the Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) website for more information and links to other relevant websites.

Visit ISSS website

Note: financial verification documents are NOT processed by Lundquist College of Business or its graduate programs. Financial verification documents that are sent to one of graduate programs in error are forwarded to the Office of International Student and Scholar Services.

Financial verification documents, marked with your UO Student ID number, can be e-mailed to or mailed to:

Office of International Student and Scholar Services
5209 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Contact the Office of International Student and Scholar Service at with questions.


If you have additional questions about international admissions. Please reach out to us. We are here to help.