Master of Accounting Student Experience

Accelerate your professional development through a curriculum and culture that supports a holistic understanding of accounting and business.

Students came from colleges that literally spanned the globe—from the University of Hawaii to Zhejiang University in China and right here in Oregon.

Current MAcc Students
Average Age
Racial and ethnic minorities

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The MAcc program accelerates each student's professional development. Through collegial interactions and activities, you'll reach within yourself to uncover things you thought you could never do and then do them. Collegiality and mutual support are critical for each student to get the most out of the MAcc program. We encourage this through

  • Intensive team building during orientation, including a day at a local ropes course in which all entering MAcc students participate
  • An open-door atmosphere in the School of Accounting, encouraging close interaction with faculty members

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Accounting goes beyond numbers at our Master of Accounting program. Students benefit from a curriculum the enables them to explore and discover new professional horizons by

  • Consistently emphasizing analysis and integration across disciplines using published cases and real-world company projects
  • Expanding the breadth of knowledge by developing working relationships with non-accountants in MBA elective courses
  • Providing the conceptual and technical knowledge in business taxation, accounting information systems, auditing, cost, financial accounting theory, and valuation that is necessary to accelerate career opportunities and professional aspirations

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Through the MAcc program's curriculum and educational approach, you will achieve true professionalism. You will develop knowledge, skills, and a mindset that go beyond learning new accounting methods or tax laws. You'll hone your ability to work in a constructive and respectful way. You'll learn how to communicate an attention to detail through your appearance, the appearance of your work, and your attitude. You'll be able to comfortably interact with people informally as well as put together precise and engaging presentations. And you'll learn how to bring it altogether to achieve professional success and land a great job.

Nearly 100 percent of our domestic graduates and 70 percent of international graduates are typically placed by commencement in international, regional, and local accounting firms, as well private companies and government agencies.

We begin working with incoming MAcc students before they start classes to prepare for interviews. Our college career services staff offers one-on-one counseling to each MAcc to polish resumes, video record mock interviews, and review cover letter writing.

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