Executive MBA Application Process

Successfully complete the below steps to submit your application to be considered for admission on a space-available basis.

You can add materials to your file until the application is complete. We will contact you immediately and notify you of the next steps in the process.

The Oregon Executive MBA no longer requires the GMAT or GRE test as admissions criteria. Instead, we assess each candidate’s application, essay responses, resume, and recommendation letters, and conduct a formal interview to ensure that our classroom is filled with dynamic, motivated students who excel both on paper and in person.

We also recognize that quantitative proficiency is essential to succeed in our program and to accelerate your career. To assist with this, we have have provided the self-paced tutorial MBA Math to refresh and improve skills in finance, accounting, economics, Excel, and statistics. The Oregon Executive MBA will provide applicants with a personal link to MBA Math after they have submitted their application, interviewed with admissions staff, and been given an admissions decision.

A completed application consists of:

  1. Oregon Executive MBA Application 

    Apply Now

  2. Up-to-date Professional Resume and organizational chart
  3. Two Required Essay Questions

    Essay 1: Considering your career, education, and personal goals why is the Oregon Executive MBA the right fit for you and why is now the right time to start? (400-600 words)

    Essay 2: Working effectively on teams is essential for success in the Oregon Executive MBA. Describe an experience working through conflict on a team. What did you learn? (400-600 words)

  4. Two Professional References

    Choose people who know you in a professional setting, e.g., a current or former supervisor, colleague, or mentor.

  5. Transcripts

    Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended to the registrar's office at registrar@uoregon.edu or by U.S. mail. 

    Office of the Registrar mailing address:
    University of Oregon
    Office of the Registrar
    5257 University of Oregon
    Eugene OR 97403-1217

  6. Official Copy of TOEFL Scores (if applicable)