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Online Preparation

Incoming MBA students will complete an online preparation course which provides them with the skills they'll need throughout the program in their future careers. Working at their own pace over the summer, all new MBA students must complete this online course prior to orientation. Costs are covered by the Oregon MBA.


An Oregon MBA kick off event is scheduled each August and is hosted online. This half day session provides incoming students with the opportunity to brush up on the fundamentals of accounting and finance, meet their MBA cohort, and learn more about academic planning to help optimize their time in the Oregon MBA.

The required Oregon MBA orientation is scheduled each September during the two weeks before the first day of classes. During orientation, incoming students will build community with their colleagues, faculty, and staff; develop skills in case analysis, leadership, and team dynamics; and more. Online orientation modules will also be available to help students become familiar with university resources and LinkedIn Learning Pathways.

Campus Life

The University of Oregon is a vibrant, close-knit community. Everything you need is right here on campus.


UO Housing offers students a range of options, including family housing. Many students choose to live off campus in one of the many privately owned (non-university) houses and apartments available each year in Eugene.

Life in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is located west of the Cascade mountains about 100 miles directly south of Portland and about 1 hour east of the Pacific Ocean. Recreational opportunities abound—it's one of the top cities in the U.S. for biking, and one of the highest-rated green cities in the country.

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