Oregon MBA Curricular Specializations

Our goal is not to be all things to all people. That's why we established four specializations for the Oregon MBA.

The Oregon MBA at the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business elevates and integrates core business fundamentals with the specialized skill sets of one of our four specialization areas:

The Oregon MBA
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In the Oregon MBA, you choose a specialization based on your interest, background, and commitment to the curriculum. Throughout your individualized educational journey, your specialization provides support by keeping pulse on the ever-changing business climate, advancing your leadership acumen, and expanding your network in your chosen industry or field.

These curricular specializations are supported by the centers of excellence and each comes with its own set of required courses in both the first and second year of your studies. These courses have been carefully selected to optimize your MBA education and experience.

Finance and Securities Analysis

The finance and securities analysis specialization of the Oregon MBA provides the comprehensive knowledge and applied experience necessary to lead in the global economy.

The curriculum makes the financial world approachable and accessible by linking students with the region's financial, banking, and investment industry. Finance and securities analysis students manage more than $1.2 million in live money—through the UO Investment Group and the MBA program's Emerging Market Equity Portfolio—as well as connect with the latest research and knowledge from the college's faculty, renowned thought leaders in empirical corporate finance, mutual fund analysis, and corporate tax accounting.

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The innovation and entrepreneurship specialization of the Oregon MBA advances the enterprising spirit at the heart of business success.

Entrepreneurs possess the vision to see things differently and uncover new ideas, the courage to take risks and defend those ideas, and the drive to see them through. By combining a solid foundation of business theory with extraordinary experiential learning, the innovation and entrepreneurship specialization educates, inspires, and empowers future entrepreneurs. It's little wonder the Oregon MBA has earned a reputation for providing one of the nation's finest entrepreneurship educations.

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Sports Business

The sports business specialization of the Oregon MBA has been educating industry leaders for more than two decades.

Coordinated through the legendary Warsaw Sports Business Center, the Oregon MBA's sports business curriculum provides students with an immersive, focused experience that blends classroom instruction with real-world practice. Whether it's sports sponsorships, marketing, merchandising, or stadium financing, students leverage their passions to explore and learn business principles within the context of sports. Students graduate prepared to shape and focus the future of the sports industry whether at adidas, the NBA, Nike, Octagon, Wasserman, or other leading brands.

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Sustainable Business Practices

Green comes to life every day in the Oregon MBA's sustainable business practices specialization.

Oregon has always been a nexus of sustainable business management, new startups, and innovations. Students in the Oregon MBA's sustainable business practices specialization work to evolve and converge the region's green business culture while fostering strategies that help businesses thrive—with global reach and impact. From our sustainably designed building to innovative coursework in industry ecology and a top-three ranking, Oregon MBA students studying sustainable business are making a difference in the business community and making the world a better place.

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