Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialization

Entrepreneurs possess the vision to see things differently and uncover new ideas, the courage to take risks and defend those ideas, and the drive to see them through.

Powered by the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship, the innovation and entrepreneurship specialization of the Oregon MBA advances the enterprising spirit at the heart of business success. By combining a solid foundation of business theory with extraordinary experiential learning, the specialization educates, inspires, and empowers future business leaders.

The Oregon MBA
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What You'll Learn

  • Build a solid foundation of business knowledge—from types of companies to growth strategies, marketing tactics, and more—to expand your skill set and tackle obstacles along the way.
  • Evaluate different ideas, identify gaps in various industries, and recognize new opportunities for businesses and growth.
  • Write compelling business plans to build upon your own ideas or to expand your collaboration skills. Team up with members in your cohort to help get their businesses up and running.
  • Dive into case studies of successful entrepreneurs, explore the life cycle stages of a business, and discover how startups can effectively scale.
  • Learn about different types of funding that can get a new business up and running, including the venture capital process and the loans and grants available to small businesses.

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Jacob Chavez
"My favorite class was my first class, Opportunity Recognition. It taught me how to derive value from a company or startup through other variables besides money. It also taught me the fundamentals of how to enter a market and obtain a competitive advantage."
—Jacob Chavez, MBA ’23

Where You'll Go

  • The Pacific Northwest is home to some of the most successful and innovative startups. Hear their stories during study tours in Seattle, San Francisco, and Portland.
  • Grab your passport and embark on study tours to destinations like London and Paris to get a glimpse of international business.
  • Test your own entrepreneurial beginnings in pitch competitions and accelerators that offer prize money for winning ideas, such as the Hult Prize Accelerator and Oregon Innovation Challenge.

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Hannah Huston
"For me, one of the biggest draws of the Oregon MBA were the study tours—and San Fransisco did not disappoint! Meeting and learning from industry leaders in innovation and sustainability opened my eyes about the opportunities available at the intersection of these two fields. My favorite visit was to Bain. I had never considered a career in consulting before, but after hearing from their head of sustainability and learning more from their team about their goals and how much they enjoyed their work, I am applying to work for them after graduation."
—Hannah Huston, MBA Class of 2024

Who You'll Meet

Countless startup organizations and entrepreneurs found their start at the University of Oregon and the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship. Thanks to the center's network and programming, you'll have opportunities to connect directly with individuals who were in the same shoes not too long ago and partner with organizations with the means to support new ideas, including:

  • Oregon Venture Fund
  • Onward Eugene
  • RAIN Catalysts
  • Eugene Chamber of Commerce
  • Angel investors and venture capitalists
  • Exit entrepreneurs who built and sold their businesses
  • UO alumni who own and built their own businesses

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Laughton Elliot-DeAngelis
"Connecting with the owners of Sushi Pure was a major highlight of the program for me. Meeting likeminded entrepreneurs to discuss heart-lead business, sustainable sourcing practices, and growth in the local business ecosystem gave me incredible insight and confidence in my own venture."
—Laughton Elliott-DeAngelis, MBA ’23

What You'll Do

Whether you come to the program with an idea already in mind or the desire to feed your entrepreneurial side, the innovation and entrepreneurship track will teach you the building blocks needed to take the next step. Past students have met their business partners and accelerated the growth of an existing business with the lessons learned and opportunities made available by the program. Others have gone on to land influential positions rooted in innovation and growth strategy for organizations across the country, in such roles as:

  • Strategy innovation management
  • Brand and marketing management
  • Consultancy and project management

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Dre Markowski
"The Oregon MBA provides a bootcamp-like experience for gaining a solid understanding of how businesses operate. When I chose to invest in myself and my future, the Oregon MBA was precisely the kickstart I was seeking, given my background in multimedia marketing and design. The innovation and entrepreneurship specialization taught me how to transform new business ideas into reality."
—Andrea Markowski, MBA ’20, Director of Convention Marketing, Travel Portland