Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialization and Courses

The innovation and entrepreneurship specialization combines academic and experiential learning components to provide an entrepreneurial skill set to deploy immediately upon graduation.

Whether your interest resides in founding an enterprise, working in an entrepreneurial culture, or joining a more established organization to focus on innovation, our program will prepare you to immediately contribute and lead.

The Oregon MBA
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Specialization Requirements

To have the innovation and entrepreneurship specialization noted on their transcripts, MBA students must take the following courses:

  • The nine required core courses of the Oregon MBA (Accelerated MBA takes one core course: BE 625)
  • The specific courses required for the specialization (see below)
  • Electives of their own choosing from a wide range available in the Lundquist College of Business, as well as from other colleges and departments across the University of Oregon

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MBA Core Courses

First Fall Term

  • ACTG 612: Financial Accounting
  • FIN 612: Fundamentals of Finance
  • MGMT 612: Managing Individuals and Organizations
  • MKTG 612: Marketing Management

First Winter Term

  • OBA 613: Operations Management
  • FIN 613: Managerial Economics

First Spring Term

  • MGMT 614: Strategic Management
  • OBA 612: Quantitative Methods for Managers

Second Fall Term

  • BE 625: Business Law & Ethics

Specialization Courses

Required Courses

To earn the innovation and entrepreneurship specialization on their transcripts, MBA students must take the following courses:

  • MGMT 609: Venture Startup* or MGMT 609: Strategic Planning Project (2 terms; take in second winter and spring terms)
  • MGMT 625: New Venture Planning (take in first spring term)
  • MGMT 635: Opportunity Recognition (take it first winter term)
  • MGMT 645: New Venture Scaling (take in second fall term, will be offered starting in 2022-2023)

*Starting 2022-2023, MGMT 609: Venture Startup will become MGMT 655: New Venture Execution

Choose five:

  • ACTG 510: Law for Managers
  • FIN 671: Corporate Finance and Valuation
  • FIN 685: Alternative Investments
  • MGMT 510: Lean Launchpad
  • MGMT 510: Tech and Innovation
  • MGMT 623: Negotiation
  • MKTG 660: Marketing Research
  • MKTG 665: Marketing Strategy
  • SBUS 645: Sports Products

Potential Electives

  • OBA 544: Business Database Management Systems
  • OBA 566: Project and Operations Management Models