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John Clithero

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Affiliations: Center for Translational Neuroscience, Marketing, Oregon MBA, Undergraduate Programs, Warsaw Sports Business Center
Phone: 541-346-0152
Office: Lillis 482



John Clithero is an assistant professor in the Department of Marketing at the Lundquist College of Business. His expertise includes neuroeconomics, consumer neuroscience, and judgment and decision making. Clithero's research on these topics has been published in journals including the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Neuroscience, PNAS, and Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization.

Clithero received his PhD in economics from Duke University. Since receiving his doctoral degree, he has taught at the University of Pennsylvania and Pomona College.

Degree History:
  • PhD, Economics, Duke University, 2011
  • MA, Economics, Duke University, 2007
  • BA, Economics, Pomona College, 2005
Previous Positions:
  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2018
  • Assistant Professor of Economics, Pomona College, 2014–2018
  • Postdoctoral Scholar in Neuroeconomics, California Institute of Technology, 2011-2014

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Areas of Expertise

  • Computational modeling
  • Decision making
  • Consumer neuroscience
  • Behavioral economics

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Journal Articles:

Clithero, John A., Uma Karmarkar, Gideon Nave, and Hilke Plassmann. "Reconsidering the Path for Neural and Physiological Methods in Consumer Psychology." Journal of Consumer Psychology, forthcoming.

November 2023

Clithero, John A., Jae Joon Lee, and Joshua Tasoff. "Supervised Machine Learning for Eliciting Individual Demand." American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 15, no. 4: 146-182.

November 2023

Clithero, John A., Uma R. Karmarkar, and Ming Hsu. "Toward an Integrative Conceptualization of Maladaptive Consumer Behavior." Journal of the Association for Consumer Research 6, no. 3: 334-341.

July 2021

Yu, Hongbo, Jenifer Z. Siegel, John A. Clithero, and Molly J. Crockett. "How Peer Influence Shapes Value Computation in Moral Decision-Making." Cognition 211: 104641.

June 2021

DeStasio, Krista L., John A. Clithero, and Elliot T. Berkman. "Neuroeconomics, Health Psychology, and the Interdisciplinary Study of Preventative Health Behavior." Social and Personality Psychology Compass 13, no. 10.

October 2019

Clithero, John A. "Response Times in Economics: Looking through The Lens of Sequential Sampling Models." Journal of Economic Psychology 69: 61-86.

December 2018

Harris, Alison, John A. Clithero, and Cendri A. Hutcherson. "Accounting for Taste: a Multi-Attribute Neurocomputational Model Explains the Neural Dynamics of Choices for Self and Others." Journal of Neuroscience 38, no. 37: 7952-7968.

September 2018

Clithero, John A. "Improving Out-of-Sample Predictions Using Response Times and a Model of the Decision Process." Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 148: 344-375.

April 2018

Clay, Summer N., John A. Clithero, Alison M. Harris, and Catherine L. Reed. "Loss Aversion Reflects Information Accumulation, Not Bias: a Drift-Diffusion Model Study." Frontiers in Psychology 8, no. 1708.

October 2017

Li, Rosa, David V. Smith, John A. Clithero, Vinod Venkatraman, R. McKell Carter, and Scott A. Huettel. "Reason's Enemy is Not Emotion: Engagement of Cognitive Control Networks Explains Biases in Gain/Loss Framing." Journal of Neuroscience 37, no. 13: 3588-3598.

March 2017

Smith, David V., John A. Clithero, Sarah E. Boltuck, and Scott A. Huettel. "Functional Connectivity with Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Reflects Subjective Value for Social Rewards." Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 9, no. 12: 2017-2025.

December 2014

Clithero, John A., and Antonio Rangel. "Informatic Parcellation of the Network Involved in the Computation of Subjective Value." Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 9, no. 9: 1289-1302.

September 2014

Smith, David V., Amanda V. Utevsky, Amy R. Bland, Nathan Clement, John A. Clithero, Anne E.W. Harsch, R. McKell Carter, and Scott A. Huettel. "Characterizing Individual Differences in Functional Connectivity Using Dual-Regression and Seed-Based." NeuroImage 95, no. 1: 1-12.

January 2014

Winecoff, Amy, John A. Clithero, R. McKell Carter, Sara R. Bergman, Lihong Wang, and Scott A. Huettel. "Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex Encodes Emotional Value." Journal of Neuroscience 33, no. 27: 11032-11039.

July 2013

Smith, David V., John A. Clithero, Christopher Rorden, and Hans-Otto Karnath. "Decoding the Anatomical Network of Spatial Attention." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110, no. 4: 1518-1523.

January 2013

Rangel, Antonio, and John A. Clithero. "Value Normalization in Decision Making: Theory and Evidence." Current Opinion in Neurobiology 22, no. 6: 970-981.

December 2012

Levallois, Clement, John A. Clithero, Paul Wouters, Ale Smidts, and Scott A. Huettel. "Translating Upwards: Linking the Neural and Social Sciences via Neuroeconomics." Nature Reviews Neuroscience 13, no. 11: 789-797.

October 2012

Venkatraman, Vinod, John A. Clithero, Gavan J. Fitzsimons, and Scott A. Huettel. "New Scanner Data for Brand Marketers: How Neuroscience Can Help Better Understand Differences in Brand Preferences." Journal of Consumer Psychology 22, no. 1: 143-153.

January 2012

Clithero, John A., Crystal Reeck, R. McKell Carter, David V. Smith, and Scott A. Huettel. "Nucleus Accumbens Mediates Relative Motivation for Rewards in the Absence of Choice." Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 5, no. 87.

August 2011

Raposo, Ana, Luke Vicens, John A. Clithero, Ian G. Dobbins, and Scott A. Huettel. "Contributions of Frontopolar Cortex to Judgments about Self, Others and Relations." Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 6, no. 3: 260-269.

July 2011

Clithero, John A., David V. Smith, R. McKell Carter, and Scott A. Huettel. "Within- and Cross-Participant Classifiers Reveal Different Neural Coding of Information." NeuroImage 56, no. 2: 699-708.

May 2011

Clithero, John A., R. McKell Carter, and Scott A. Huettel. "Local Pattern Classification Differentiates Processes of Economic Valuation." NeuroImage 45, no. 4: 1329-1338.

May 2009

Clithero, John A., Dharol Tankersley, and Scott A. Huettel. "Foundations of Neuroeconomics: From Philosophy to Practice." Public Library of Science: Biology 6, no. 11

November 2008

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