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Faculty Achievements in Publication Soar

At the University of Oregon Lundquist College of Business, our faculty continue to impress with distinguished honors and top industry recognition for their pioneering work.

“At the core of any great business school are exceptional and productive research faculty that advance knowledge and bring new ideas to the classroom,” noted Edward Maletis Dean Sarah E. Nutter. “The quality and caliber of faculty members at the Lundquist College of Business is exceptional, and I am amazed and humbled by the great work taking place here.”

Below are a few research and publication highlights showcasing the accomplishments of our collaborative professors during the past academic year, 2017-2018.

  • 57 Research publications
  • 46 Peer-reviewed articles accepted for publication
  • 36 Unique Lundquist College faculty authors
  • 14 Articles coauthored by Lundquist College faculty
  • 11 Books or chapters in books
  • 10 Articles coauthored with current or former Lundquist College PhD students

Notably, peer-reviewed publications in journals recognized as the most prestigious and rigorous nearly doubled from 14 in the 2016-17 academic year to 27 in the 2017-18 year.

Publications per tenure-track faculty member for 2016-17 academic year were 0.56. That number jumped to 0.84 in 2017-18. Of those, 0.33 were highest level publications in 2016-17. Publishing in those top journals increased to 0.53 in 2017-18.

For both years, we boast 100 percent doctoral student graduate academic placement. Additionally, we were able to help accelerate those outcomes by shaving the average time in the PhD program from five years to 4.83 years. Recent PhD graduate placements include Portland State University, University of Waterloo, and Shanghai Lixin University.

Successful collaborations with PhD students, coupled with our faculty’s drive for excellence, places the Lundquist College of Business in esteemed company.

“Our faculty is smaller than many of our peer institutions and the impressive publication achievements above are a clear testament to our dedication to high quality impactful research,” said Ryan Wilson, Richard W. Lindholm Professor in Taxation and the Lundquist College’s Director of Research and Doctoral Studies.

The University of Colorado Boulder Per Capita Business Journal Rankings bear this out: Oregon is ranked impressively at No. 32 for North American per-capita UTD rankings without exclusions—just after No. 31 Harvard University and before No. 33’s Carroll School of Management at Boston College.

The following Lundquist College of Business faculty published in peer-reviewed journals with acceptance dates from September 2017 to September 2018:


  • Dane Christensen, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Angela Davis, Director, School of Accounting | Jack O. Rickli Professor of Business
  • Qintao Fan, Associate Professor of Accounting
  • David Guenther, Scharpf Professor of Accounting
  • Kyle Peterson, Associate Professor of Accounting | James F. and Shirley J. Rippey Research Scholar
  • Brady Twedt, Assistant Professor of Accounting
  • Ryan Wilson (4 publications), Director, PhD Program and Richard W. Lindholm Professor in Taxation, Professor of Accounting


  • Diane Del Guercio, Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs and Gerry and Marilyn Cameron Professor of Finance
  • Robert Ready, Associate Professor of Finance


  • Ralph Heidl, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Lauren Lanahan (2 publications), Assistant Professor of Management
  • Andrew Nelson (2 publications), Academic Director, Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship; Associate Professor of Management; Randall C. Papé Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Associate Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Anne Parmigiani, Head, Department of Management and Tykeson Associate Professor of Management and Research Scholar
  • Michael Russo, Lundquist Professor of Sustainable Management and Academic Director, Center for Sustainable Business Practices
  • David Wagner, Associate Professor of Management; Doug McKay Research Scholar; Coordinator, Management PhD Program
  • Nicole Wilson, Instructor of Management
  • Peter Younkin, Assistant Professor of Management
  • Kate Zipay (2 publications), Assistant Professor of Management


  • Joshua Beck (2 publications), Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • John Clithero (2 publications), Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • T. Bettina Cornwell (6 publications), Academic Director, Warsaw Sports Marketing Center; Professor of Marketing; Judy and Hugh Oliphant Chair in Sports Business
  • Yoav Dubinsky (2 publications), Instructor of Sports Business
  • Josh Gordon, Senior Sports Business Instructor; Director of Minors and Undergraduate Sports Business; Undergraduate Program Manager, Warsaw Sports Marketing Center
  • Conor Henderson, Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Aparna Sundar (3 publications), Assistant Professor of Marketing
  • Hong Yuan, Director, Business Research Institute; Robert P. Booth Associate Professor of Marketing and Research Scholar; Coordinator, Marketing PhD Program

Operations and Business Analytics

  • Xing Hu, Assistant Professor of Operations and Business Analytics
  • Nagesh Murthy, Roger Engemann Professor of Operations and Business Analytics
  • Saeed Piri (2 publications), Assistant Professor of Operations and Business Analytics
  • Zhixi Wan, Associate Professor of Operations and Business Analytics
  • Yinchu Zhu, Assistant Professor of Operations and Business Analytics

—AnneMarie Knepper Sjoblom ’05