Welcome New Faculty and Staff

As we work toward University of Oregon President Michael Schill's directive of growing our faculty universitywide to include even more great scholars, the Lundquist College of Business welcomes the following new faculty and staff members joining us this fall term:

  • Ioannis Branikas, assistant professor of finance
    Degree: PhD, Princeton University
    Research Interests: Household finance, mutual funds
    Teaching Interests: Financial investments, asset pricing, behavioral finance
  • John Clithero, assistant professor of marketing
    Previously: Assistant Professor of Economics, Pomona College
    Degree: PhD, Duke University
    Research Interests: Choice process modeling, consumer neuroscience, judgment and decision making
    Teaching Interests: Marketing management, sports business, behavioral and experimental economics
  • Jin Wook (Chris) Kim, courtesy research associate professor of accounting
    Previously: Associate Professor at Konkuk University
    Degree: PhD, University of Oregon
    Research Interests: Capital market, corporate disclosure
    Teaching Interests: Financial accounting
  • Noelle Nelson, assistant professor of marketing
    Previously: Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Kansas
    Degree: PhD, University of Minnesota
    Research Interests: Consumer cognition, memory, sensory processing, and consumer offloading of information
    Teaching Interests: Consumer behavior, marketing management
  • Pradeep Pendem, assistant professor, operations and business analytics
    Degree: PhD, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
    Research Interests: Data-Driven Operations Analytics, Service Operations
    Teaching Interests: Predictive Analytics, Business Analytics, and Operations Management
  • Saeed Piri, assistant professor of operations and business analytics
    Degree: PhD, Oklahoma State University
    Research Interests: Business/data analytics, machine learning, healthcare analytics, operations analytics, decision support systems
    Teaching Interests: Business analytics, predictive analytics, and data mining
  • Brady Twedt, assistant professor of accounting
    Previously: Accounting Professor, Indiana University
    Degree: PhD, Texas A&M University
    Research Interests: Capital markets, information intermediaries, voluntary disclosure, financial reporting
    Teaching Interests: Financial accounting and corporate financial reporting
  • Peter Younkin, assistant professor of management
    Previously: Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organization, McGill University
    Degree: PhD
    Research Interests: Gender and racial inequality in entrepreneurship; the legitimation of novelty
    Teaching Interests: Entrepreneurship
  • Kate Zipay, assistant professor, Department of Management
    Degree: PhD, University of Georgia
    Research Interests: Influence of life outside of work (e.g., leisure, hobbies, side jobs, family situations) on work performance and well-being; the social and emotional outcomes of justice, fairness, and leniency in the workplace; and the unique role of nostalgia in cultivating employee resources and building relationships
    Teaching Interests: Organizational behavior; positive, healthy, and productive workplaces
  • Yoav Dubinsky, instructor of sports business, Department of Marketing
    Degree: PhD, University of Tennessee
    Research Interests: Sports, country image, place branding, and public diplomacy
    Teaching Interests: Sports marketing and branding, sports communications, sports and society, and international sports
  • Michael Caprai, pro tem instructor, Department of Finance
  • Scott Chambers, pro tem instructor, Oregon Executive MBA
  • Bill Etheredge, pro tem instructor, Oregon Executive MBA
  • Carlos Gemmell, pro tem instructor, Sports Product Management
  • Reginald Hamlett, pro tem instructor, Sports Product Management
  • Stuart Redsun, pro tem instructor, Sports Product Management
  • Xia Jiang, courtesy research assistant, Department of Marketing
  • Gene Rhee, executive director, Mohr Career Services
  • David Nutter, senior advisor for global education, Undergraduate Programs
  • George Reese, instructional designer, Operations
  • Jared Barlow, director of recruiting and admissions, Graduate Programs
  • Nathaniel Brown, business analyst, Information Services and Instructional Technology
  • Kristi Lodge, graduate advisor, Mohr Career Services
  • Tammie Taucer, executive assistant, Mohr Career Services