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Do you have interests complementary to business? Want to practice corporate law? Become a sports agent?

Students before you have earned MBA degrees in conjunction with their JD or masters degrees in art history, Asian studies, environmental studies, and international studies, to name just some of the possibilities. You must be admitted to both the MBA program and the concurrent one.

The Oregon MBA
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You can earn both of these degrees concurrently in four years of full-time study. Compared to the two stand-alone degrees, the concurrent JD/MBA degree saves one year.

Degree Stand-Alone Degree Requirements JD/MBA Concurrent Degree Requirements
MBA 2 years (75 term credits) 60 term credits minimum
JD 85 semester hours (70 graded) 75 semester hours (67 graded)

A typical JD/MBA study plan might look like:

Degree First Year Second Year Third and Fourth Years
MBA 0 40 credits minimum 5 electives (3 or 4 credits each)
JD 30 credits 0 39-45 semester hours


Specific requirements and time savings vary.

Degree Stand-Alone Degree Requirements MBA/MA Concurrent Degree Requirements
MBA 75 credits minimum 60 credits minimum (5 course reduction)
MA 45-50 credits depends on department