Holistic Review Criteria

While students are developing their academic strengths, it is vitally important that they also develop qualities and skills that will enhance their chances of success in the ever-changing business world.

It is critical that students understand that their application for admission to the Lundquist College of Business is an application for a position. Just as future employers look for employees with a particular set of skills, so too does the Lundquist College of Business. Successful applicants will have spent their first two years in college acquiring and demonstrating the skills and qualities that the college values and that will make them future successful business leaders.

We encourage all students to further develop a strong combination of these holistic skills and qualities.

For students falling short of the required GPAs for guaranteed admission to full major status, these are the skills and qualities the review committee considers when selecting students through the competitive holistic review process.

The Lundquist College of Business seeks candidates for admission who have acquired a strong combination of many of the following skills and qualities:

  • A strong academic record
  • Strong quantitative, written, analytical and oral presentation skills necessary to be successful in our rigorous academic curriculum
  • A clarity of purpose with regard to academic and career goals
  • Demonstrated leadership on campus and/or in the community
  • A global mindset
  • Ability to overcome obstacles
  • Utilization and effective leveraging of university/community resources and opportunities
  • Demonstrated entrepreneurship
  • Cultural competence

To demonstrate a candidate's strength in the above areas, the following will be submitted for review to the admissions committee:

  • Academic transcript(s)
  • Three short-answer essays
  • Resume

Our holistic review process follows a committee-based approach. Each application will be thoroughly reviewed by a three member admissions committee and committee member will provide an individual appraisal of the candidate.

Workshops or other opportunities will be available throughout the year to assist students with developing themselves holistically. Students should inquire about these opportunities with a business advisor during their freshman year.

Speak with Advisor about Holistic Review