Finance Concentration

The finance concentration prepares students to enter careers in a variety of financial institutions and finance-related operations.

A focus on the investments industry is promoted through class work and potential involvement in the UO Investment Group. An emphasis on financial management combines courses with involvement in the student chapter of the Financial Management Association. Students with an interest in commercial bank and credit union operations are oriented toward class work and potential involvement in the UO Credit Finance Group. All students studying finance are encouraged to develop internships and to take advantage of the guest speakers from the finance industry sponsored by the Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis.

Concentration Requirements

  • FIN 380: Financial Markets and Investments
  • FIN 473: Financial Analysis and Valuation

Choose two:

  • FIN 462: Derivative Markets and Financial Institutions
  • FIN 463: International Finance
  • FIN 464: Commercial Banking 

Advising Note: FIN 464 is strongly recommended for students interested in a career in a banking institution.

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Recommended Course Sequence

Successful completion of FIN 316 (or its transferred equivalent) is mandatory for any further coursework in finance. Additionally, OBA 312 is required before taking FIN 380.

FIN 473 is an advanced class that covers in more depth topics considered in 316, and should be taken as soon after completion of FIN 380 as is feasible for the student’s schedule in order to better prepare students for corporate recruiting visits in fall and winter.

All other classes in the discipline can be taken in any order available, as none of the other courses have a prerequisite other than FIN 316.

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Course Offerings

The following is an example schedule showing when upper division required finance courses are typically offered. Consult the university's class schedule for the most current information about when these courses are offered.


  • FIN 380
  • FIN 462
  • FIN 463
  • FIN 464
  • FIN 473


  • FIN 380
  • FIN 462
  • FIN 463
  • FIN 464
  • FIN 473


  • FIN 380
  • FIN 462
  • FIN 463
  • FIN 464
  • FIN 473

Elective Recommendations

Recommended Business Electives

  • ACTG 350: Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACTG 351: Intermediate Accounting II
  • ACTG 352: Intermediate Accounting III
  • ACTG 360: Cost Accounting
  • OBA 410: Sports Analytics
  • OBA 410: Python for Data Analytics
  • OBA 410: Business Decision Analytics
  • OBA 455: Predictive Modeling
  • Additionally recommended: Any class that focuses on the improvement of oral and written communication skills.

Recommended Non-Business Electives

  • ECON 360: Issues in Industrial Organization
  • ECON 370: Money and Banking
  • ECON 411: Advanced Microeconomic Theory
  • ECON 320/421: Introduction to Econometrics I and II

3+1 Finance Pathway

The 3+1 Finance Pathway is an opportunity for qualified incoming freshmen interested in finance to complete both the bachelor’s degree in accounting and the master of science in finance degree in four years. Through an evaluation of college-ready credits (e.g., advanced placement and international baccalaureate), these high-achieving students are fast-tracked for admission to the Lundquist College of Business one full year before their contemporaries. Students in this program can complete their undergraduate degree in three years, with the fourth year used to complete the Master of Finance program.

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Additional Resources

Careers to Consider

  • Financial analyst
  • Credit analyst
  • Commercial lending
  • Financial consulting
  • Entrepreneur
  • Risk management
  • Investment banking
  • Hedge fund operations
  • Portfolio management
  • Asset management
  • Security analysis
  • Financial planning
  • Bank trust services
  • Securities trading and sales

Recommended Reading

  • Barron’s
  • Bloomberg Business Week
  • The Economist
  • Financial Analysts’ Journal
  • Financial Times
  • Forbes
  • Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
  • Wall Street Journal

Campus Opportunities

  • Alpha Kappa Psi
  • UO Investment Group
  • UO Credit Finance Group
  • Financial Mgmt. Association
  • Beta Alpha Psi (completion of ACTG 350 required)
  • CFA Affiliation

Off-Campus Opportunities

  • Chartered Financial Analyst Program
  • Certified Financial Planner Program
  • Global Association of Risk Professionals/Financial Risk Manager
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst