Minor in Sports Business

The minor in sports business is designed to provide non-business students with important skills to succeed in the economy related to sports.

The sports business minor develops skills in teamwork, writing, and oral communications with an emphasis on providing core business competencies to those pursuing sports-industry-related careers. The minor is intended to provide baseline business skills and knowledge to students who are not intending to pursue a sports business career per se, but rather are pursuing sports-related professional paths where business acumen is a supporting skill (e.g., a sports journalist, a sports psychologist, a sportswear designer).

In order to declare the sports business minor,

  • Students must not be a pre-business student, business administration major, or accounting major
  • If a general social sciences major with a concentration in applied economics, business, and society, students must adhere to the GSS double-dipping policy. See the GSS website for more information.

Course Requirements

To graduate with the sports business minor, students must have earned:

  • A minimum grade of C- (C- or P in lower division courses) in all minor courses
  • 24 credits from approved courses, with a minimum of 12 upper division credits, including at least one 400-level course

The sports business minor consists of five required business courses and one elective. Students must take BA 101 before taking the other sports business minor courses. Additional details on each course can be found in the UO course catalog. You can also check the course catalog for prerequisite requirements of electives outside of the Lundquist College of Business.

Required Core Courses

  • BA 101: Introduction to Business (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: none
    • Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • SBUS 250: Sports, Business, and Society* (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101
    • Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • BA 316: Management: Creating Value Through People (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101
    • Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • BA 317: Marketing: Value for Customers (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101
    • Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • SBUS 456: Managing Sports-Related Businesses and Brands* (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101, junior standing
    • Offered: Fall, Winter, Spring

*SBUS 250 and SBUS 456 must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon.


Choose one elective course:

  • ARTD 250: Art and Technology
  • BA 318: Finance: Value through Capital
  • ES 310: Race, Sport, and Gender
  • FIN 281: Personal Finance
  • J 320: Gender, Media, and Diversity
  • GEOG 281: The World and Big Data
  • MGMT 335: Launching New Ventures
  • PD 101: Introduction to Product Design
  • SBUS 255: The Business of the Olympic Games
  • SOC 317: Sociology of the Mass Media

*Your elective requirement must be taken in residence at the University of Oregon.

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When the student has declared the minor, completed the requirements, and applied for a degree with the Office of the Registrar, the student will be approved to graduate with the minor.