Undergraduate Concentrations

Concentrations provide a useful structure for academic planning and career preparation.

University of Oregon business administration majors and accounting majors have the option to pursue a concentration*:

*Concentrations aren't documented on transcripts, but may be represented on resumes.

Accounting Concentration

Available to business administration majors only. Business administration majors can elect to concentrate in accounting in order to become well-versed in the "language of business." Accounting principals and practices help investors and creditors make informed decisions, guide managers on how to allocate resources and price products, and catalyze a business's strategic growth.

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Entrepreneurship Concentration

The entrepreneurship concentration prepares students for careers in entrepreneurially driven firms. Examples include new and rapidly growing firms, technology-oriented firms, and family businesses. Special attention is given to venture creation, the unique problems encountered by firms that are growing, and the way sound business principles and  strategies can be adapted to fit this environment.

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Finance Concentration

The finance concentration is designed to impart an understanding of the principles of finance and to provide students with analytical training. Courses on financial institutions and markets, financial management, and investments provide an understanding of the application of financial analysis to the solution of business problems.

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Marketing Concentration

The marketing concentration provides preparation for careers in marketing management. Examples of such careers include advertising, professional selling, distribution, and marketing research. Special attention is given to the contributions of the social sciences and of quantitative methods to the study of marketing. The concentration's curriculum includes courses on marketing research and strategy, marketing communications, and consumer behavior.

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Operations and Business Analytics (OBA) Concentration

The operations and business analytics concentration (formerly known as ISOM) is designed for students who want to prepare for a career in applied statistics, operations management, management information systems, or a management career with a strong emphasis in these areas. Students are introduced to the major concepts and techniques of analytic decision-making, information technology, supply-chain operations, and e-business.

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Sports Business Concentration

The sports business concentration addresses the use of sports to market goods and services. The successful sports marketer must understand business principles and have a strong sense of how value is created through marketing programs tied to athletes, teams, leagues, and organizations. The concentration presents a rigorous curriculum in such areas as sponsorship, sports law, and communications while paying close attention to industry practices and trends. Students are prepared for careers in team marketing, sponsor relations, event marketing, and league operations.

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