Entrepreneurship Concentration

Selecting a concentration in entrepreneurship provides students with a mindset and professional training to identify new business opportunities and the ability to implement them—either within existing companies or as startups.

In addition to the focused academic coursework, the Lundquist College of Business offers hands-on learning programs and activities through the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE). The Lundquist Center facilitates interactions with successful business executives, entrepreneurs, and startup companies in the local business community and beyond.

Concentration Requirements

  • MGMT 335: Launching New Ventures
  • ACTG 340: Accounting for Entrepreneurs
  • MKTG 445: Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • MGMT 455: Implementing Entrepreneurship Strategies

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Recommended Course Sequence

Students are strongly advised to begin the entrepreneurship sequence as early in their junior year as possible. MGMT 335 is the gateway course for the concentration and must be taken first. ACTG 340, MKTG 445, and MGMT 335 must be taken prior to MGMT 455, which is the capstone course for the concentration. Students must plan accordingly with respect to completing all prerequisites and schedule completion of MGMT 455 course before graduation.

MGMT 410 “Lean Launchpad” and MGMT 410 “Technology and Innovation Management are additional electives recommended for students with an entrepreneurship concentration. These courses may count toward the concentration in the future, but have not yet been fully approved.

Students can complete entrepreneurship as a second concentration by adding just one additional class to their upper-division electives. Talk to an advisor to learn more.

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Course Offerings

The following is an example schedule showing when upper division required entrepreneurship courses are typically offered. Consult the university's class schedule for the most current information about when these courses are offered.


  • MGMT 335
  • ACTG 340
  • MKTG 445
  • MGMT 410 (Lean Launch Pad)


  • MGMT 335
  • ACTG 340
  • MKTG 445
  • MGMT 410 (Tech and Innovation)


  • MGMT 335
  • ACTG 340
  • MKTG 445
  • MGMT 455
  • MGMT 410 (Tech and Innovation)

Elective Recommendations

Recommended Business Electives

  • MGMT 410: Lean Launchpad
  • MGMT 410: Technology and Innovation Management
  • MGMT 417: Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • MKTG 390: Marketing Research

Recommended Non-Business Electives

  • Advertising
  • Communication Studies
  • Computer and Information Science
  • Digital Arts: AAD 434, AAD 435
  • Product Design: PD 101, PD 223
  • Public Relations

Additional Resources

Careers to Consider

  • Business development
  • CEO/general manager
  • Consulting
  • Franchiser/franchisee
  • Innovation management
  • Investment manager
  • New venture founder
  • Professional business services provider
  • Project/product manager
  • Sales and marketing
  • Small business owner/manager

Recommended Reading

  • Business Week
  • Entrepreneur Inc
  • Fast Company
  • Forbes
  • Inc.
  • Marketplace
  • TechCrunch
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Wired

Campus Opportunities

Off-Campus Opportunities

  • Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network (RAIN)
  • Oregon Entrepreneurship Network
  • Technology Association of Oregon