Undergraduate Hands-On Learning

From internships to class projects, study abroad, and more, hands-on learning is at the heart of the undergraduate curriculum. At the Lundquist College, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore career paths and build your resume.

Centers of Excellence

At the heart of the Lundquist College of Business's vision and mission are our four centers of excellence. They set the Lundquist College apart and advance our "learning by doing" approach to business education.

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Travel, Site Visits, and Study Abroad

At the Lundquist College of Business, we prepare our students to thrive in the world of global business. We offer several site visit and travel opportunities both locally and abroad to let students experience the culture, history, and politics of other economies.  

Students tour companies and factories, participate in marketing events, attend lectures given by executives at leading firms, and network with top executives.

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The Lundquist College is affiliated with a number of university- and community-wide business plan, financial, and case competitions, as well as hackathons for students to participate in and gain valuable entrepreneurial experience.

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Oregon Consulting Group

The Oregon Consulting Group (OCG) is a professionally managed, student-run consulting organization housed in the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon. OCG works with companies and nonprofit organizations to deliver excellent quality research, analysis, insights, strategies and business plans at a fraction of the cost of a traditional consultancy.

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UO Investment Group

The University of Oregon Investment Group (UOIG) is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to enhance education and career opportunities by providing practical investment management experience. UOIG enhance students’ education through learning in-depth equity research processes, valuation techniques, portfolio management, and market analysis.

Student Clubs and Organizations

The college actively supports and encourages student participation in clubs as a vital component of the college experience. Not only do clubs give students an opportunity to interact and learn from peers, but they also provide the opportunity to bring together and apply lessons learned from various courses in a hands-on setting. More than a dozen student clubs are active at the college.

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Innovation Labs

Students at the Lundquist College have access to two on-site innovation labs, each providing students with hands-on experience using specialized equipment to develop business ideas, and design and test prototypes. The college is also home to the Business Research Institute, the hub for developing relationships between customers, researchers, businesses, and agencies.

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Business Academic Residential Community

The Business Academic Residential Community (Business ARC) is a community for aspiring business leaders that is dedicated to changing the face of business, figuratively and literally. The Business ARC is for business students not interested in doing business as usual—those who want to explore what business can and should be. This community is focused on providing the skills needed for the business world of the future.

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