Undergraduate Business Honors Program

The Lundquist College of Business Honors Program provides challenging, stimulating, and enriching opportunities for learning, experience, and opportunity.

Each year, we form a new learning community with a cohort of 35 dedicated students. Working together with a select group of faculty, these students take courses that have been specifically designed for the Business Honors Program. They engage in experiences available only to honors students and go on to do great things in the world.

Success in the Business Honors Program is about more than just doing well in classes. You will need to engage in your own learning and experience and demonstrate leadership. You will represent the best of the Lundquist College of Business, and the bar is high.

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Eric Boggs
Director, Lundquist College Honors Program
208B Peterson

Smaller Classes

Thirty-five students maximum are admitted to the Honors Program each year, making classes smaller so students get individual attention and greater access to professors. Classroom discussions are also lively and enriching.

Select Faculty

Honors classes are taught by full-time faculty that have demonstrated teaching excellence. They have won numerous teaching awards and are always highly rated by students.

Unique Experiences

Students in the Honors Program have unique experiential opportunities, such as case competitions, speakers, and trips.


Friendships that develop among the students in the Honors Program remain long after graduation and become a source of contacts and networking as the individuals progress in their careers.

One-on-One Access to Director

Honors students work closely with the director to help assure success. Each student is dealt with individually and their progress is frequently monitored. The director knows and assists each student.

Graduation with Honors

The honors designation on students' transcripts and diplomas are important for employers and graduate schools.


Harvard MBA, Boston Consulting, Nike, Peace Corps, GE—honors graduates go on to do the great things they want to do.

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