Apply for Full Major Status

For current UO students only. These instructions are for current pre-business students who are applying to become full majors, typically at the end of their second year.

Students who have already declared their major as pre-business and completed their lower division coursework must apply and be admitted to the business or accounting major in order to register for upper division business courses using the form linked to below.

You will be ask to provide the following when filling out out the major application:

  1. An American business-style résumé (attached as a PDF document to application below). For resources and outlines, see the Crafting a Strong Application to the Major resource page on the Mohr Career Services website. We strongly encourage you use the VMock Smart Resume tool found on that page to revise your resume prior to submitting it.
  2. A cover letter uploaded in PDF format. Consider your admission to the Lundquist College of Business a job you are applying for and the undergraduate program's holistic standards as the job qualifications. Describe how you embody a strong combination of these skills and why the Lundquist College of Business should “hire” you. Applicants must answer this question in a professional cover letter format. For resources and outlines, see the Crafting a Strong Application to the Major resource page on the Mohr Career Services website.
  3. Proof of enrollment or an unofficial transcript, only if you are taking pre-business courses at another school (applicants intending to complete all required courses at the University of Oregon do not need to include this information). Attach proof of enrollment or an unofficial transcript to your application. Failure to provide this information may result in your application being denied. Necessary files can be obtained by copying transcripts or even taking a screen shot from the transfer institution’s website and pasting it into a PDF document. Applicant's full name and the school’s name should be listed on the document.
  4. Answers to the following supplemental questions, which can be entered into text boxes in the online application. There will be a strict limit of 2,500 characters (approximately 400 words) for each answer.
    1. Identify a time in your life that required you to face a challenge or overcome an obstacle, describe how you approached the situation and what you learned from it.
    2. Tell us about your academic and career goals and describe how any leadership opportunities, academic coursework, university resources, and extracurricular activities you engaged in have helped you define these goals.
    3. Is there anything else relevant to your application that you would like to tell the admission committee? (If you reference extenuating circumstances such as illness or a death in the family, please include supporting documentation.) This question is optional and can be used to support your case if you are applying for admission without meeting the guaranteed admission requirements.

Complete and Submit the Application Form

When to Apply

Students should apply by 11:59 p.m. on the first Friday of the term in which they complete their pre-business requirements. This should allow time for the application to be processed in order to register for upper division courses the next term. Applications are not accepted in summer term, so students wishing to be admitted for fall should plan to apply to the major by the first Friday of spring term and complete their pre-business requirements in spring.

Once your application has been submitted, we will review your application to ensure that you meet all the admission requirements for the undergraduate major in business. You will be notified via email of our decision.

If you are completing prerequisites during: Application deadline: Your admit term will be:
Summer / Fall Term First Friday of Fall Term Winter Term
Winter Term First Friday of Winter Term Spring Term
Spring Term First Friday of Spring Term Fall Term


Meet with an advisor, stop by Peterson 203, call 541-346-3303, or email

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