Minor in Business Administration

The minor in business administration is intended for students majoring in other disciplines who want a solid introduction to business management.

The business minor gives students the opportunity to develop a core set of business skills that complement their major passion.

In order to declare the business administration minor,

  • Students must not be a pre-business student, business administration major, or accounting major
  • Students must not be a general social sciences major with a concentration in applied economics, business, and society

Course Requirements

To graduate with the business administration minor, students must have earned:

  • A minimum grade of C- (C- or P in lower division courses) is required in all minor courses
  • 12 upper-division credits taken in the Lundquist College of Business

The business minor consists of six business administration courses. Students must take BA 101 before taking the other required business administration minor courses. If you have already taken pre-business courses or are an economics major, you can substitute courses for some of the requirements. Additional details on each course can be found in the UO course catalog.

  • BA 101: Introduction to Business (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: None
  • BA 215: Accounting: The Language of Business Decisions (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101
    • (ACTG 211 may be substituted.)
  • BA 315: Economy, Industry, and Competitive Analysis (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101
    • (ECON 201 and ECON 202 may be substituted.)
  • BA 316: Management: Creating Value Through People (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101
  • BA 317: Marketing: Creating Value for Customers (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 101
  • BA 318: Finance: Creating Value Through Capital* (4 credits)
    • Prerequisites: BA 215
    • (Economics majors with a GPA of at least 3.0 can substitute FIN 316*.)

All BA courses above are offered fall, winter, and spring terms.
*Students need to be authorized to register for FIN316 by an advisor prior to the start of registration.

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When the student has declared the minor, completed the requirements, and applied for a degree with the Office of the Registrar, the student will be approved to graduate with the minor.