Operations and Business Analytics Concentration

Students studying operations and business analytics (OBA) have great job opportunities—corporate as well as consulting—that exist in high-value-added areas.

A unique program in the Pacific Northwest, OBA integrates operations management and data analytics. Operations expertise provides a strong foundation for managing today’s complex business processes, including challenges related to sourcing and supply chains, manufacturing, and service systems. Data analytics expertise has quickly become a must-have skill for aspiring business graduates, and—like operations expertise—is widely applicable across a range of career paths. Therefore, the OBA curriculum is not only a dedicated concentration, but its courses are also a valuable complement to all students in other business concentrations.

Students who wish to concentrate in operations and business analytics should:
  • Want to develop the ability to translate the big picture into appropriate details.
  • Enjoy being critical and logical thinkers (out of the box for both the big picture as well as tactics).
  • Want to develop the ability to back up their decisions with good business sense.
  • Want to develop the ability to relate across functional areas.
  • Definitely not be technology averse.
  • Be interested in finding how to leverage information technology (and other technologies) in improving manufacturing and services.
  • Have the desire to understand, organize and manage the implementation of projects.

Concentration Requirements

Earning the OBA concentration requires successfully completing four of the 400-level courses listed below. In this list, the first five are data-analytics oriented, while the last two (466 and 477) are operations oriented.

Choose four:

  • OBA 410: Sports Analytics
  • OBA 410 Python for Data Analytics
  • OBA 410 Business Decision Analytics
  • OBA 444 Business Database Management Systems
  • OBA 455: Predictive Modeling
  • OBA 466 Project and Operations Management Models
  • OBA 477 Supply Chain Operations and Management

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Recommended Course Sequence

Students interested in the OBA concentration are strongly encouraged to take upper-division core courses OBA 311, OBA 312, and OBA 335 as early as possible.

The official prerequisite for OBA 410 electives is all OBA core. Speak to an advisor if this affects your graduation timing.

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Course Offerings

The following is an example schedule showing when upper division required operations and business analytics courses are typically offered. Consult the university's class schedule for the most current information about when these courses are offered.


  • OBA 444
  • OBA 410 (Python Data Analytics)
  • OBA 466


  • OBA 455
  • OBA 466
  • OBA 410 (Python Data Analytics)
  • OBA 410 (Sports Analytics)


  • OBA 444
  • OBA 455
  • OBA 477
  • OBA 410 (Python Data Analytics)
  • OBA 410 (Sports Analytics)

Additional Resources

Careers to Consider

  • Supply chain management
  • E-business strategy and operations
  • Information systems management
  • Systems analysis
  • Customer relationship management
  • Project management

Professional Activities

Students with a concentration in operations and business analytics are encouraged to participate in the Operations and Business Analytics Club (OBAC).