First-Year Direct Admission to the Major

This admissions path is by invite only. Students who apply to the University of Oregon and list their intended major as business are considered for first-year direct admission, and students who are selected for this path are directly admitted into the business major as first-year students. Direct admission is only offered to first-year students who are entering in the fall term. These students will need to complete the lower-division course requirements, but will not need to apply to the major like others students interested in business or accounting.

Step 1: Apply to the University of Oregon. If you want to pursue an undergraduate degree in business at the University of Oregon, the first step is to apply to the university through the UO Office of Admissions and select “business” as your intended major. You can do this as early as the beginning of your senior year in high school.

Step 2: Receive your direct admission invitation. The University of Oregon considers a number of factors when making direct admission decisions, including high school GPA, strength of academic coursework, test scores, and ability to enhance the diversity of the university.

Step 3: Accept your direct admission invitation. Following instructions sent in your invitation, confirm your decision to attend the University of Oregon, and deposit as soon as you know that the University of Oregon is the place for you.

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Difference between First-Year Direct Admission and Standard Admission

There are two ways to be admitted to the business or accounting major at the Lundquist College of Business: first-year direct admission and standard admission. Direct admit means that you were selected to be admitted into the major right away, based mostly on your high school performance. Direct admission is only offered to first-year students who are entering in the fall term. Direct-admit students need to complete the lower-division course requirements so they will be prepared to take upper-division coursework, but will not need to apply for admission to the major like the students pursuing the standard admission path.

Most students apply for admission to the major near the end of their sophomore year (based on number of credits completed). Students seeking standard admission will need to complete the lower-division business coursework, meet the GPA requirements, and apply to become a business administration or accounting major around the time they complete 90 credits.

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No Additional or Different Courses

Direct-admit students still need to complete all the lower division business requirements (BA101, EC201, EC202, ACTG211, ACTG213, MATH241, MATH243, WR121, WR122/23, BA240), but they may take them in a different sequence than students who are still working towards admission to the business major. Upper-division requirements are the same.

Business Academic Residential Community (Business ARC)

We encourage all students interested in business and accounting to consider the Business Academic Residential Community (Business ARC) for their campus housing. First-year direct-admit students receive preference when registering to live in the Business Academic Residential Community.

Students who live in the BizARC have rooms in Earl Hall, register for BA101: Introduction to Business (4 credits) and BA199: Maximizing Your Business Education (1 credit) courses, and have access to an innovation lab and additional programming and events to support their personal, academic, and professional success. Most students who indicate the residential community as their first priority in their housing registration are placed there. We encourage you to read more about the residential community as you register for housing.

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Becoming an Accounting Major

First-year direct-admit business majors can switch to an accounting major once they arrive on campus. It doesn’t require a separate application, just a simple online form. Additionally, if you enter your first year with more than 25 credit hours of advanced placement, international baccalaureate, or transfer credit hours, please consider applying for the Accounting 3+1 program in your first term.

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Business Honors Program

There is no direct admission to our Business Honors Program. The Business Honors Program is a competitive, cohort program designed for students taking upper-division business courses. Students typically start the Business Honors Program in fall term of their “junior” year (by credits, not by years). If you enter the University of Oregon with advanced credits, you may apply for the program during your first year in order to start during your second year. Students interested in the business honors program should discuss this with an advisor once they are on campus.

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Changing or Adding Majors

We encourage students to find the major that fits their interests, skills, or passions. We hope direct-admit students will explore the opportunities available for them in the Lundquist College of Business for a term or two as they explore all their interests.

Students can’t major in both business administration and accounting (they have to pick one of the other), but students can change majors or select a second major outside the Lundquist College of Business. Academic advisors can discuss options and help students plan to make the most of their time at the University of Oregon.

Losing Major Status

There is a possibility of losing major status should direct-admit students not make satisfactory academic progress. The University of Oregon and the Lundquist College of Business offer many resources to help students succeed academically. Advisors will work with students on their path towards success.