Business Academic Residential Community

 The Business Academic Residential Community (Business ARC) is a community for aspiring business leaders that is dedicated to changing the face of business, figuratively and literally.

The Business ARC is for business students not interested in doing business as usual—those who want to explore what business can and should be. This community is focused on providing the skills needed for the business world of the future.

Students should consider the Business ARC if they:

  • Want to pursue a business degree;
  • Enjoy challenging themselves and others;
  • Operate well in a diverse arena; and
  • Wish to be exposed to a full range of career and academic advising services to jump-start their academic and professional journey.

Business ARC students live in Justice Bean Hall (located on the east side of campus near Matthew Knight Arena) and have access to unique resources and on-site academic advising to help them progress through the business major or minor. This is an opportunity for students to live in the same hall as others who are serious about taking on a challenging academic program and will work together as a community to create a dedicated network of support.

"I joined the Business ARC to surround myself with like-minded individuals and find a new community now that I was going to college out of state. I met so many new people. It is a community that makes everyone feel welcomed and makes Justice Bean Hall feel like home."—Noah Solis, 2021-22 Business ARC resident

"It was more than living in the residence halls. It was a community where we all navigated the first-year experience together. I could always find people to do almost anything together—from studying for tests, walking to class, going to football games, attending club meetings, or watching movies in the lounge."—Kayla Choate, 2021-22 Business ARC resident

Business ARC Curriculum

In addition to living with other like-minded individuals in Justice Bean Hall near Matthew Knight Arena, Business ARC students will automatically be enrolled together in two courses for their first fall term: 

  • BA 101: Introduction to Business. 4 credits. Required for admission to the Lundquist College of Business. Counts as a social science course for the UO general education requirements. If you already have BA 101 on your transcript, chat with an advisor during new student orientation.
  • BA 199: Professional Development. 1 credit. Focuses on understanding and developing relations that contribute to academic and professional growth, determining next steps to pursuing academic goals.

Business ARC students will also take courses together during the winter and are automatically enrolled in a Managing Business Information course in the spring term of their first year.

Learn more about the Business ARC curriculum at the UO Housing website.

View Full Business ARC Curriculum

Additional Opportunities for Business ARC Students

  • Apply for Book Scholarships (25 scholarships per term)
  • Residential Community Internships
  • Lundquist Flight School: our mentoring program that sets first-year and transfer students up for academic success.
  • Innovation Lab: located in Bean Hall, this workspace for future entrepreneurs helps students develop business ideas and create prototypes. 


Lorena Landeros
BizARC Program Coordinator
208D Peterson