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Our student consulting group prepares its members for lifelong careers through direct experience.

The Oregon Consulting Group (OCG) is a professionally managed, student-run consulting organization housed in the Lundquist College of Business at the University of Oregon.

Founded in 2014, the Oregon Consulting Group provides student consultants with the opportunity to gain a mastery of their classroom studies through intensive experiential learning. OCG has more than 30 members supporting 15 or more projects every year.

OCG serves companies and nonprofits on a wide range of consulting projects, operating under the guidance of a faculty advisor and drawing on the expertise of University of Oregon faculty and research resources to provide clients with a professional deliverable from student consulting teams. OCG works with clients to deliver high-quality research, analysis, insights, strategies, and business plans at a fraction of the cost of a traditional consultancy.

OCG prides itself on its value proposition of delivering exceptional value for clients and transformative experiences for students.

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Get Upper-Division Credit

Members of the Oregon Consulting Group receive upper-division credit for participating. Successful completion of three terms in the program provides a total of 4 credits as a management upper-division business elective. The three terms do not need to be consecutive.

"OCG had an amazing impact on our organization. The final reports and financial model were exactly in line with what we were looking for and our expectations. I would highly recommend engaging with OCG. It was a wonderful experience."
—Bill Widmer, President, Kaleafa
"Trifoia hired the Oregon Consulting Group to consult on six product development projects in the past five years, and we don't plan to stop. The quality of the output rivals that of any high-powered market consulting firm for a fraction of the cost."
—Adam Wendt, Chief Executive Officer, Trifoia
"The team took ownership of the project from day one, persevered through some difficult primary research, and came out with good data. The student team drove our company team for information, another indicator of their initiative. Overall a great experience and good value for our company."
—Steve Jennings, Former President, TryEco

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Scott Day
Faculty Advisor, Oregon Consulting Group