Lundquist Flight School

Here to Help You Soar

Designed specifically to mentor new first-year and transfer business students, the Lundquist Flight School mentoring program will launch your academic journey and set you up for success.

We’ve created Lundquist Flight School to provide students with a social, professional, and academic campus experience that will help you make connections within the Lundquist College and the University of Oregon.

In Lundquist Flight School, you will

  • Build community with fellow students
  • Explore and discover your interests in business and related disciplines
  • Develop skills in communication, teamwork, and cultural competence
  • Grow your network by connecting with experienced student mentors
  • Kickstart your leadership journey at the University of Oregon

Students who participate in our summer bridge program will be automatically enrolled in Lundquist Flight School. If you are a first-year or new transfer student who is hoping to be a business or accounting major (or study one of our minors), please fill out the interest form below. Filling out the interest form will allow us to connect with you and get you connected with a mentor as soon as possible. The program is optional and will take place throughout the academic year.

A Community on Campus and Beyond

When you join the Lundquist Flight School, you will become part of a community that spans both campus and the globe.

Lundquist Flight School's dedicated group of upper-class mentors connect with members in small groups called Flight School flocks who will guide you through weekly activities, discussions, and workshops. All activities will take place in person in a dedicated, safe space in the Lillis Business Complex or housing classrooms on the UO campus. Together, you'll participate in activities that will give you the opportunity to get to know campus on a whole new level.

Meet the Mentors

Fast-Paced and Social

Lundquist Flight School is not a course, and there are no lectures.

Don’t expect lesson plans and assignments. Flight School emphasizes connection over content, and our goal is to provide students with an opportunity to meet like-minded students in the business school. You'll participate in workshops, team building activities, and challenges that will help you level up your interpersonal skills while building relationships through a community that values authenticity, inclusion, and candor.

Lundquist Flight School is a casual environment, so feel free to invite your friends to a meeting if you think they would enjoy the community. All we ask is that you come prepared with excitement and willingness to share.

Our Core Principles

Lundquist Flight School sessions are broadly paired with four principles. 

It's much more than a title—it’s an attitude and a behavior. Students in Flight School gain experience in critical conversations and opportunities that help in the continual process of leadership development.

Flight School students stay motivated and humble in the face adversity, building community and practicing self-care to overcome obstacles. Through sharing their stories and learning about the challenges others face, students build skills and support each other with the guidance of a mentor.

Academic Achievement
Success in the classroom is built outside the classroom. Flight School mentors share study habits they’ve developed and support students through problem-solving and resource identification.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diverse is what we are; inclusion is what we do. Flight School is an environment where everyone is welcomed, and differences are celebrated with cultural humility.

Ready to Take Flight?

If you are interested in participating in Flight School, fill out this form once you've committed to the University of Oregon and have your #95 number.

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For additional information, contact one of our mentors or: 

Lorena Landeros
Assistant Director
First-Year Experience