Department of Finance 2013 Conference

A Research Conference Focused on Institutional Investors and the Asset Management Industry, sponsored by the Cameron Center for Finance and Securities Analysis

July 28-July 30, 2013, University of Oregon

Session 1

Authors Title Discussant
Jarrad Harford - University of Washington; Eli Fich - Drexel University; Anh Tran - City University of London Motivated Monitors: The Importance of Institutional Investors' Portfolio Weights Greg Kadlec - Virginia Tech
Valery Polkovnichenko - Federal Reserve Board; Kelsey Wei - University of Texas at Dallas; Feng Zhao - University of Texas at Dallas Cautious Risk - Takers: Investor Preferences and Demand for Active Management Clemens Sialm-University of Texas at Austin
Miguel Ferreira - Nova School of Business and Economics; Massimo Massa - INSEAD; Pedro Matos - University of Virginia Investor Stock Decoupling in Mutual Funds Christopher Schwarz - University of California at Irvine

Session 2

Authors Title Discussant
Peter Iliev Pennsylvania State University; Michelle Lowery Pennsylvania State University Are Mutual Funds Active Voters? Yonca Ertimur University of Colorado
Vayacheslav (Slava) Fos - University of Illinois; Pierre Collin-Dufresne Columbia University Do Prices Reveal the Presence of Informed Trading? Jennifer Koski University of Washington
Richard Evans University of Virginia; Miguel Ferreira Nova School of Business; Melissa Prado Nova School of Business Equity Lending, Investment Restrictions and Fund Performance Jonathan Reuter Boston College

Session 3

Authors Title Discussant
Chris Clifford University of Kentucky; Adam Aiken - Quinnipiac University; Jesse Ellis University of Alabama Discretionary Liquidity: Hedge Funds, Side Pockets, and Gates Paula Tkac, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Neng Wang Columbia University; Morten Sorensen Columbia University; Jinqiang Yang Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Valuing Private Equity Youchang Wu University of Wisconsin at Madison
Zheng Sun University of California at Irvine; Clemens Sialm University of Texas at Austin; Lu Zheng University of California at Irvine Home Bias and Local Contagion: Evidence from Funds of Hedge Funds Mark Westerfield University of Washington