Global Context Requirement

All business administration and accounting majors are required to fulfill the global context requirement as part of their major coursework. Students can fulfill the requirement in one of the following ways:

Study Abroad

Students who study abroad in one country for six weeks or more may have all or part of the global context requirement waived with academic advisor approval. International internships of six weeks or longer may also waive part of the global context requirement if pre-approved by an academic advisor. UO's study abroad programs can be found on the Global Education Oregon (GEO) website.

Study a Language

Foreign language courses must be at least 200-level or higher to meet the for global context requirement.

Study a Country or Region

Global context requires that students take three courses that focus on the culture of a country other than their native countries. All three courses should focus on the same country and be at least three credits each. Students wishing to study a region should obtain advisor approval.

‚ÄčThe following list of courses within countries and regions to assist students in choosing an area of study and specific classes to fulfill this requirement.