Department of Finance 2011 Conference

The All-Oregon Conference in Honor of the Scholarly Achievements, Mentoring, and Legacy of Wayne Mikkelson, sponsored by the Finance Department at the Lundquist College of Business

June 3, 2011, University of Oregon

Conference Chairs: Diane Del Guercio, John Chalmers

Session 1

Authors Title Discussant
Jarrad Harford, University of Washington; Sandy Klasa, University of Arizona; William F. Maxwell, Southern Methodist University Refinancing Risk and Cash Holdings | Download PDF Chris James, University of Florida
Marco Bigelli, University of Bologna; Vikas Mehrota, University of Alberta; R. Raghavendra Rau, Cambridge University Expropriation, Unification, and Corporate Governance in Italy David Haushalter, Penn State University

Session 2

Authors Title Discussant
Aziz Alimov, City University of Hong Kong The Role of Executive Equity Options in Real and Accrual-based Earnings Management | Download PDF Steve Matsunaga, University of Oregon
George Aragon, Arizona State University; Michael Hertzel, Arizona State University; Zhen Shi, Arizona State University Why do Hedge Funds Avoid Disclosure? Evidence from Form 13F Confidential Filings | Download PDF Ro Gutierrez, University of Oregon