Braddock Tutoring

Braddock Tutoring at the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business provides free tutoring for undergraduate business or pre-business students seeking academic assistance.

Braddock Tutoring is one of the nation's first BEST (Braddock Educational Success Team) programs—a model now implemented at many universities through the generosity of the Braddock Family Foundation.

To ensure you are able to get help efficiently, come organized and prepared with specific questions for tutors, only after reviewing course materials and attempting to complete your assignments.

Hours of Operation

In-person in Lillis 240:

Virtually via Zoom:

Braddock Tutoring operates from week 2 through week 10 during the regular academic year, and week 1 through 8 of summer term. A detailed term tutoring schedule is available starting on Monday of week 2.

In-Person Drop-in Tutoring

No appointment is needed for drop-in tutoring. Stop by Lillis 240 for in-person help or attend a virtual tutoring session. Check the schedule for tutoring for the following courses:

  • ACTG 211
  • ACTG 213
  • BA 318
  • EC 201
  • EC 202
  • FIN 311
  • FIN 316
  • OBA 311
  • OBA 312
  • OBA 335​

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Tutoring by Appointment

During fall, winter, and spring terms, tutoring for the following courses are available in 30- or 45-minute sessions by appointment only:

  • BA 215
  • MATH 241
  • MATH 243

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Writing Support

Working on a Lundquist College course writing assignment? Undergraduate writing consultants are available to offer feedback and recommendations so you can revise your work with confidence and enhance your skills for a long-term advantage.

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Private Tutoring

There may be a list of students willing to provide private tutoring for select Lundquist College required courses for a fee. The list does not endorse any particulate private tutor, and private tutors set their own pay rates and schedules. Please email for the contact information of any available private tutors.

Other Campus Tutoring Services

Tutoring for non-business courses is also available using these campus resources:

Additional Resources

Looking for help online? We've curated a list of some of the best resources out there to help you get started.