Department of Management Research

In the past five years, the college's management department's 11 research faculty members have published 78 papers, with 50 of those papers appearing in the top 50 journals evaluated by the Financial Times for its business school research rankings. Management faculty research has also been cited 21,510 times, according to Google Scholar.

Management faculty's research interests include the influences of the natural environment on strategy, interfirm relationships, the development and commercialization of technological innovations, the interface between work and life domains, multilateral collaboration, entrepreneurship, diversity, fairness, and gig work.

Key takeaways from the Department of Management's recent research include

  • The nature of collective values in a community--for example, a prioritization of environmental conservation--is an essential determinant of the nature of local businesses (Michael Russo).
  • Horizontal and vertical firm boundaries are independent unless coordination issues require trade-offs, in which case firms cannot be both broad and deep (Anne Parmigiani).
  • In the context of green chemistry, well-meaning efforts to generate and sustain change to "moralize'' occupational work can heighten resistance (Andrew Nelson).
  • Entrepreneurs who don't sleep enough undercut their own efforts (David Wagner).
  • Cohesive groups of interconnected inventors are more likely to build on new venture technologies, and any insularity is mitigated by internal competition (Ralph Heidl).
  • Young scientists adopt their advisers' orientations toward commercial science (Chris Liu).
  • Certifications from multiple sources are better than from a single source (Lauren Lanahan).
  • Compared to men, women who are ex-founders of startups are less likely to encounter obstacles when job seeking. (Peter Younkin).
  • A framework of community-based resource mobilization fo early-stage ventures (Alex Murray).

Research Citations

To showcase the productive nature of our management faculty members, the following is an ever-expanding list of their research citations.

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