2017 Oregon Marketing Research Symposium

The Department of Marketing at the Lundquist College of Business hosted the 2017 Oregon Marketing Research Symposium.

The event aimed to bridge marketing and consumer scholars in Oregon and beyond. Its goal was to enable its participants to share scholarship and build connections.

April 21-22, 2017


Themes and Directions in Consumer and Marketing Scholarship
Darren Dahl, Professor, Marketing and Behavioural Science Division, University of British Columbia, and Editor, Journal of Consumer Research
Linda Price, Philip H. Knight Chair, Professor of Marketing, University of Oregon

"Experiences in Succession: An Analysis of Longitudinal Consumer Upgrading with Hedonic Experiences"
Chadwick Miller, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Washington State University

"Blaming Victims of Product Failure: The Role of Victim Deservingness"
Brandon J. Reich, Marketing PhD Student, University of Oregon

"Overheard Service Failures: Why Witnessing Negative Recoveries Leads Observers to Punish Frontline Employees and Leave the Firm"
Ismail Karabas, Washington State University

"Opinion Leaders or Laggards? Online Commenting After a Product-harm Crisis"
Jameson Watts, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Willamette University

"Fostering and Leveraging Consumer Brand Relationships: A Psychological Distance Perspective"
Scott Connors, Marketing PhD Candidate, Washington State University

"Generating 'Sweet' Ideas: How Taste Perception Influences Consumer Creativity"
JoAndrea Hoegg, Associate Professor of Marketing, University of British Columbia

"Changing Antifouling Practices for Leisure Boats in the Baltic Sea"
Diane M. Martin, Associate Professor of Marketing, Aalto University

"Luxury Branding and Innovation"
Aparna Sundar, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Oregon

"Assembling Safety in an Armed America"
Aimee Huff, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Oregon State University

"As Plain as Vanilla: Using Scent to Manipulate Anxiety"
Justin Angle, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Montana

"Genetic and Environmental Influences on Empathy, Trust, and Cooperative Behavior"
Jason Stornelli, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Oregon State University

"Building Relationships to Fans through Sponsorship"
Conor Henderson, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Oregon

"Experience the Difference: Using Intrinsic Motivation Messages to Stimulate Unplanned Purchasing"
Jacob Suher, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Portland State University

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