Profile picture of Andrew Mirjah

Andrew Mirjah

Assistant Director, Graduate Recruitment, Sports Product Management Program

Affiliations: Lundquist Admissions, Sports Product Management
Office: 109 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR 97209



Andrew Mirjah is an accomplished higher education professional with a passion for student success and service to others. He began his career in the field at Florida International University, where he quickly developed a reputation for excellence and dedication. Over the years, Mirjah has held roles at institutions such as Georgetown University, the University of Washington, and Nike, where he has gained valuable experience and knowledge.

Throughout his career, Mirjah has remained committed to empowering students to achieve their goals and realize their full potential. As someone who is deeply invested in the success of others, he is constantly seeking out new ways to inspire and motivate those around him. He believes that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and is committed to helping students reach their ultimate career goals.

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