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Ryan Rahinel

Associate Professor of Marketing | Judy and Hugh Oliphant Research Scholar | Coordinator, Marketing PhD Program

Affiliations: Marketing
Phone: 541-346-3321
Office: Lillis 484



Ryan Rahinel is an associate professor of marketing, Judy and Hugh Oliphant Research Scholar, and coordinator of the PhD program in marketing at the Lundquist College of Business. Rahinel's research on brands, the physical world, and their intersection has been published in the leading journals in marketing and psychology, such as Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychological Science, and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. He sits on the editorial review board of the Journal of Consumer Research and regularly reviews for other top outlets. Rahinel joined Lundquist in 2023 after nine years at the University of Cincinnati. He received his PhD in marketing from the University of Minnesota in 2014.

Degree History:
  • PhD, Business Administration (Marketing), University of Minnesota, 2014
  • BComm, Information Technology Management, Ryerson University, 2008

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Areas of Expertise

  • Brands and brand assets (e.g., logos, names)
  • Interface between physical world and visual designs/concepts
  • Consumer judgment and decision making

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Journal Articles:

Grossman, Daniel and Ryan Rahinel. “Achievement‐Based Sentimental Value as a Catalyst for Heirloom Gift‐Giving” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 32(1), 41-56.

January 2022

Rahinel, Ryan, Ashley Otto, Daniel Grossman, and Joshua Clarkson. “Exposure to Brands Makes Preferential Decisions Easier” Journal of Consumer Research, 48(4), 541-561

December 2021

Clarkson, Joshua, Riley Dugan, Cammy Crolic, and Ryan Rahinel. “Influencing Those Who Influence Us: The Role of Expertise in the Emergence of Minority Influence” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 89, 103976.

July 2020

Beck, Joshua, Ryan Rahinel, and Alexander Bleier. “Company Worth Keeping: Personal Control and Preferences for Brand Leaders” Journal of Consumer Research, 46(5), 871-886.

February 2020

Rahinel, Ryan and Noelle Nelson. “When Brand Logos Describe the Environment: Design Instability and the Utility of Safety-Oriented Products,” Journal of Consumer Research, 43(3), 478-496.

October 2016

Rahinel, Ryan, Nelson Borges Amaral, Joshua J. Clarkson, and Aaron C. Kay. “On Incidental Catalysts of Elaboration: Reminders of Environmental Structure Promote Effortful Thought,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 64, 1-7.

May 2016

Rahinel, Ryan and Rohini Ahluwalia. “Attention Modes and Price Importance: How Experiencing and Mind-Wandering Influence the Prioritization of Changeable Stimuli,” Journal of Consumer Research, 42(2), 214-234.

August 2015

Vohs, Kathleen, Joseph Redden, and Ryan Rahinel. “Physical Order Produces Healthy Choices, Generosity, Conventionality, Whereas Disorder Produces Creativity,” Psychological Science, 24(9), 1860-1867.

October 2013

Rahinel, Ryan and Joseph Redden. “Brands as Product Coordinators: Matching Brands make Joint Consumption Experiences More Enjoyable,” Journal of Consumer Research, 39(6), 1290-1299.

April 2013

Foster, Mary, Barbara Bell-Angus, and Ryan Rahinel. “‘All in the Hall’ or ‘Sage on the Stage’: Learning in Leadership Development Programs,” Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, 29(6), 504-521.

August 2008

O’Reilly, N., Alan Kaplan, Ryan Rahinel, and John Nadeau. “‘So you traded my favorite player, why should I buy a ticket?’: Hope, fan welfare, and competitive balance,” International Journal of Sport Finance, 3(2), 42-57.

May 2008

O’Reilly, N., Ryan Rahinel, Mary Foster, and Mark Patterson.“‘Connecting’ in Mega Classes: The Netnographic Advantage,” Journal of Marketing Education, 29(1), 69-84.

April 2007

O’Reilly, N., and Ryan Rahinel. “Forecasting the Importance of Media Technology in Sport: The Case of the Televised Ice Hockey Product in Canada,” International Journal of Sport Marketing and Sponsorship, 8(1), 82-97.

October 2006