Photo of Dennis Howard in a Lillis meeting room

Dennis Howard Letter to Alumni

Dear Warsaw Center Alumni and Friends,

Thanks for making the past 20 years so special for me. I recently shared with my colleagues in the Warsaw Center that I would finally be retiring from the University of Oregon at the end of fall term 2016.

Way back in 1997, when Jim Warsaw called to encourage me to come back to UO to help him (and Rick Burton, Bob Madrigal, and others) “build the world's best sports business program," I had no idea what an amazing ride it would be. I miss those almost daily early morning calls from Jim with his signature opening line, “And it's Tito Fuentes starting at 2nd base for your San Francisco Giants." Tito wasn't that great and neither was Jim's best effort at impersonating the late, great Russ Hodges, then the Giant's broadcaster. But it always brought a smile to my face…still does.

I consider myself so fortunate to have been a part of and party to Jim's vision for the Warsaw Center. I've been blessed to work with so many amazing students and dedicated colleagues. Every day has been a joy (well, okay, there were days in the dean's office that weren't particularly joyful). What I'll cherish most are the extended friendships I have established with many of you over the years. I hope those will be retained well beyond my retirement. I take such pride and pleasure in the wonderful accomplishments you have achieved both professionally and personally. I look forward to seeing many more of you flourish in the years ahead.

While it will be hard to leave a program and colleagues I care so much about, my wife Lin and I are excited about the next chapter of our lives. We will be moving to Portland in January 2017 to be nearer to our grandkids. Because I won't be too far away, I plan to stay engaged with the center in as many ways as possible. I'm so gratified that the center is in such good hands. Whitney Wagoner has carried on a tradition of excellent leadership. She brings passion, abundant energy, and a total commitment to her role as director—all of which I'm certain Jim Warsaw would be so proud.

I still will maintain my current email address ( and, of course, would love to hear from you. I hope to be spending more time on the golf course and as much time as possible chasing my five grandkids around. Sounds pretty good to me.

My very best to you all. Thanks again for many special memories.

Dennis (aka Doc) Howard