Ethics in Practice

"We need to have an ethical standard that's higher than ourselves," said Jason Pierce, CEO of the Eugene-area company My Little Salesman, in his keynote speech at the business school's first-ever Ethics Case Competition. Sponsored by the Lundquist College undergraduate honors program together with seven of Lane County's Rotary Clubs, the event drew eleven teams of four undergraduates each. Competing for cash prizes totaling $2,000, participants tackled a knotty real-world problem: how airlines handle plus-size passengers, as exemplified by filmmaker Kevin Smith's Twitter-fueled feud with Southwest Airlines. Pleased with the enthusiastic reception, the event's sponsors are committed to making it happen again next year. "Though ethical issues have always been integral to the business school curriculum, we believe it's essential to give students a chance to test their skills by tackling the complex issues faced by businesses today," said Ron Bramhall, director of the undergraduate honors program. Catch the excitement in this video about the event.