Executive MBA to Launch New Schedule in 2016

If you work in a competitive field, you already know that the most successful leaders pay close attention to the ever-changing business environment and use what they learn to steer their organizations to continued excellence.

In a similar spirit of innovation, the Oregon Executive MBA program is pleased to announce plans for a new class schedule that will enable even more of the Pacific Northwest's leading professionals to benefit from its offerings.

Starting in September 2016, the class schedule for the Oregon Executive MBA will change in the following three ways:

  • Classes will be held every other week on back-to-back Fridays and Saturdays. (View sample daily schedule and two-year calendar.)
  • Friday classes will start at 11:45 a.m. and wrap up at 8:00 p.m., leaving the first part of the morning free for students to wind down their regular workweeks.

“This new delivery model will provide the flexibility our students tell us they need," said Oregon Executive MBA executive director Dave Boush. “The redesigned schedule will make the program available to professionals in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and beyond who have wanted to take on the challenge of a top-tier MBA program but weren't previously able to balance it with their other commitments."

Students who travel frequently for work will find the twice-a-month schedule easier to integrate with their itineraries.

The later start and trimmed classroom time on Fridays will help students balance the demands of their current careers. In addition, because the streamlined Friday schedule will mean fewer hours away from the workplace, it will likely smooth the buy-in process for those who need their employers" permission to pursue the degree.

Although the new Friday hours mean that students" total classroom time will change from 32 to 28 hours per month, the program's required courses and the quantity of material covered will remain the same. Teaching faculty will provide additional coursework (think video instruction, online discussions, take-home case analyses, and more) that students will pursue at their own convenience during the periods between the class sessions.

“This reorganization is the result of a full year of research, interviews, thoughtful evaluation, and careful planning," said Julianna Sowash, the program's director of marketing and executive admissions, citing the feedback gathered from faculty members and current students as well as fact-finding interviews with administrators of similar programs throughout the United States.

“We are thrilled to join the many highly regarded executive MBA programs that have successfully made similar changes in response to the evolving needs of today's executive students," said Sowash.

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