Helen Gernon with the Duck

Fund Raises $1.3M, Earns $1M Match

It all started with two former students and an impassioned professor.

The idea: Raise $1 million for attracting and retaining top-notch tenure-track accounting faculty and provide much needed resources to help close the gap between increased student enrollment and the level of faculty staffing.

The concept from Daniel Bayley "04, MActg '05, and Erik Parrish "03, MActg '04, quickly became the basis of the Helen Gernon Accounting Faculty Endowment Fund. Thanks to dedicated staff, faculty, friends, and committed alumni donors, the goal of $1 million has been met and matched—with nearly half a year to spare before the deadline. But if you think that signals the end of this fundraising effort, you don't know Helen Gernon.

“You cannot imagine how happy, and proud I am to be able to say, ‘We did it!" We received the entire million-dollar match on the endowment that carries my name to provide support for accounting faculty," Gernon said. “Thank you to all who have given. I am humbled by the response—and also energized by the support."

And $2 million-plus is just the beginning. That generous donor match is jumpstarting an even greater goal.

“The million-dollar match provided the momentum we needed to get going on raising money for faculty support," Gernon added. “If your name is not on our Endowment Donor Honor Roll yet, please consider joining us in this effort moving forward, as we have much work left to do."

With the initial goal reached, the team is setting its sights even higher: $3 million.

If you would like to know more about this campaign, contact Margaret Savoian at msavoian@uoregon.edu.

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