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Oregon Capital Scan Update

The Oregon Community Foundation has awarded the Lundquist College of Business a grant to conduct the 2020 Oregon Capital Scan.

Updated every two years, the Oregon Capital Scan is a report that looks at all of the capital resources available to start-up companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and growth companies in the state of Oregon.

Past capital scans have been successful at moving the conversation about the entrepreneurial infrastructure of Oregon forward, with policy makers, investors, and others relying on the report to help make informed decisions.

The Lundquist College completed three previous capital scans in 2014, 2016, and 2018. This year’s report will be completed and released late in 2020.

Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship program manager and instructor of management Nathan Lillegard will serve as the Oregon Capital Scan’s project leader, assembling a team of four to five students who will work through the summer compiling data from such sources as the FDIC, SBA, USDA, industry associations, and other business funding providers.

This work is especially important given the recent economic challenges. A clear picture of the state of capital flows prior to the coronavirus-induced economic collapse will help policy makers and others see what gaps existed in the capital ecosystem even in the robust economic environment of the 2018-2019 study period. Knowing what was and was not working can inform some of the choices made to adapt to the new post-coronavirus landscape.