Professors of Practice

On behalf of everyone at Lundquist College of Business, I wish you a Happy New Year! Last month I wrote you with an update on our strategic planning process. In this month's letter, I would like to share some thoughts with you about our plans for one component of our future strategy--the college's centers of excellence--which I believe will have a defining impact on our brand.

As you may know, my predecessors had the foresight to create a number of centers--organizational units separate from the college's academic departments and focused on experiential learning and practice-oriented programs and research.

  • The Warsaw Sports Marketing Center is probably the best known. Its program--focused on preparing students for a consumer-driven, global industry in which entrepreneurial thinking and action are critical to growth and success--defines a new form of education that has been used as a model around the world.
  • The Securities Analysis Center, founded in partnership with industry in 2007, was created to develop students to lead and succeed in today's multifaceted, ever-changing, and global financial markets. To deliver on this promise, its curriculum blends accounting and finance and recognizes the global nature of today's financial community and differences in cross-border analysis.
  • A focus on innovation, initiative, accountability, and dedication defines the type of education the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship offers. Since its inception in 1989, the center has earned accolades and a stellar reputation for providing one of the finest entrepreneurial education experiences in the country.
  • The Center for Sustainable Business Practices develops leaders who know how to balance social, environmental, and financial responsibilities and to innovate in a new paradigm of value creation.

With the introduction of a new category of non-tenured faculty--Professors of Practice--we are going to take our commitment to experiential learning a step further. This innovative program will bridge academic learning with practical application as we bring professionals with extensive industry experience to each of our centers of excellence.

Professors of Practice will:

  • Be distinguished academicians or practitioners who have had a major impact in their respective fields, and who are committed to enhancing the Lundquist College of Business's programs and reputation
  • Have a substantial base of experience (normally of at least ten to fifteen years) and a national/international reputation for excellence reflected in a record of significant accomplishments
  • Are expected to assist in generating financial and other resources to support and enhance center operations
  • Serve as liaisons to industry or government and are instrumental in identifying teaching and research opportunities that support the center's goals.

Professors of Practice may provide practical course instruction to students, leading them through real-world applications of business methods and theory. Additionally, they will assist centers in identifying internship and experiential education opportunities that illustrate curriculum topics and academic principles. With an extensive network of contacts and connections in their field, these industry experts will expand the reach of our centers, providing opportunities for both students and faculty to engage more intensively with their industry.

In the months to come we will seek additional private funding to implement this exciting idea. Current plans call for first appointments in the Warsaw Center and Securities Analysis Center to be made sometime this year. Exciting times are ahead.


Cornelis A. “Kees" de Kluyver
Dean and James and Shirley Rippey Distinguished Professor