Thank You, Dennis Howard

During his two-year tenure as dean of the Lundquist College of Business, Dennis Howard initiated the rollout of the new MBA curriculum, he has been instrumental in driving the buildings renovations forward, he has hired fifteen faculty members from top-tier institutions, and has been able to take advantage of the economic downturn to benefit the college.

These changes will benefit the university and the college for years to come, and should help the incoming dean, Kees De Kluyver, see success as he takes the helm.

Perhaps, though, there's no better way to illustrate Dean Howard's impact than through the words of his closest partners:

James Bean, former Dean and current University of Oregon Senior Vice President and Provost

“Dennis was recommended strongly by a faculty and staff committee appointed when I learned I would be leaving the college. He has lived up to the high expectations of that committee as well as my own. I believe the lasting legacy of these two years will be the exceptional faculty hired into the college."

Dave Boush, Associate Dean and Marketing Department Head

“Dennis has approached the dean's job by trying to help every individual one at a time. I think this personal treatment has had a huge positive impact on faculty, staff, students, and our external constituents. I have been both influenced and inspired by his ability to relate to people and by the fact that he works harder than anyone else in the building. I also have never before had the opportunity to work professionally on a daily basis with such a close personal friend.

“Last year Dennis supervised what has to be the most successful recruiting year in the history of the college. All seven incoming faculty are excellent, but four of them are established scholars who will raise the reputation of the Lundquist College of Business immediately. It is just another of the ways that Dennis has left the college on a positive trajectory."

Randy Swangard, Special Assistant Dean for External Programs

“Every once in a while, stars align and the right person is in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. For the college, that person was Dennis Howard and his impact on the future of this college will be far more significant than the two years he spent as dean. Dennis is a consensus builder, a champion of faculty, students, centers, and staff, a change-maker and most importantly a fundamentally good person who cares deeply about this college and the university. His agenda was broad, but he delivered upon the goals. The list is long, but specifically, he has increased faculty hiring, provided strong support and increased resources for students, led funding of two major building projects, initiated a college-wide reorganization, and invested in the success of the four signature centers.

“When Dennis accepted the dean's position he asked me to join him as part of the team. It's been a great ride, and I am appreciative of his commitment to the college and to me personally. I remember him saying early on, 'Let's do some stuff while we can.' No question, mission accomplished."

John Chalmers, Abbott Keller Distinguished Research Scholar, and Associate Professor of Finance

“Dennis's accomplishments in his two years as dean are remarkable. Millions in funding was raised and construction started on Gilbert and Chiles, the college hired fifteen new tenure-track faculty members, new work load policies were instituted for faculty, and many other major steps forward were taken.

“What is remarkable is that these accomplishments pale in comparison to the impact that Dennis's infectious joy and enthusiasm brought to the college. Dennis was instrumental in letting everyone in the community know that their hard work was essential, noticed, and appreciated. Exemplifying Dennis's genuine concern for the people who make up the college community was his uncanny ability to follow up on recent events in virtually everyone's lives. Dennis stepped up to be dean on short notice, and he excelled in his role. There are no words that adequately convey the gratitude that this community feels for Dennis and his wife Lin who have contributed immeasurably to the college in their role as its first couple! Thank you both!"


Andrew Verner, Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs

“Dennis Howard demonstrated how much he cares about the UO and college—but especially the people who work here—when he stepped up to the plate to take Jim Bean's place on very short notice, and against his own preferences, two years ago. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to improve both our human capital and our physical infrastructure. Superb faculty hires, additional financial support for our PhD programs, the implementation of our center-based strategy on the MBA level, and the rebuilding of Gilbert Hall and parts of Chiles will be Dennis's permanent legacy. Considering that Dennis was our dean for a mere two years, these are noteworthy accomplishments indeed."