Undergrads on the Job

Undergrads on the Job

Lundquist College students have a new way to jump-start career exploration while getting a taste of the working world.

Our newly developed Job Shadow Program will send prebusiness, business, and accounting students to companies for one-day career exploration experiences.

"The Job Shadow Program is a logical extension of the college's longtime commitment to hands-on learning. It will enable our students to begin focusing on career development right from the start of their time at the university," said Assistant Director Chris Bennett, the new program's leader.

For students, the benefits are obvious: They will gain an overview of a specific industry along with a close look at what everyday life is like at an individual company.

Host companies gain too because the program will enable them to connect with promising business students early on in their studies. Companies can also use their participation to raise awareness of their brand among future recruits.

The program's format will vary between companies. Lundquist College staff members are available to help organizations design days that best showcase their companies.

Students from the Lundquist College Honors Program will pilot the program this fall. They will spend the term preparing for workplace visits scheduled for December. The program will become available to the college's entire undergraduate population starting in January 2014.