An xACTing Competition

Providing sound advice on the complex issues surrounding a company's recent acquisition was all in a few days' work for the Lundquist College students who took part in this year's PricewaterhouseCooper xACT case competition. Though the majority of participants are either current or aspiring accounting majors, the competition offers value to a wide range of business students. "I hope to go into finance, so understanding accounting information will be really, really useful for my future career," said sophomore David Spencer, a prebusiness major and member of The Closers, the competition's winning team. The Lundquist College of Business is the only Oregon school to participate in this year's competition, and a video of The Closers presentation has been entered in the national competition among eighty-three other colleges and universities. "Events like these define the kind of passion that makes our students stand out," said senior accounting instructor Joel Sneed, who has facilitated the event since its inception in 2003. Watch the above video of The Closers' winning presentation.