2023 graduate Marisa Kraft used her time at the Oregon Executive MBA to move into a key role in an industry that truly reflects her values.
Brandi Martin always assumed she would go for a second-in-command position. But in her first year at the program, Martin stepped up to become CEO of steel fabrication and installation company Instafab. (And that was just the start.)
A new book by UO sports business instructor Yoav Dubinsky explores the role of sports in nation branding and public diplomacy during the years 2020 and 2022.
In an interview with the UO Alumni Association, Lorena Landeros, BA ’08—assistant director of first-year experience at the Lundquist College—shared what it meant to her to be part of UO's Patos Alumni Network.
A start-up from two recent executive MBA grads aims to transform the way we find work.
Our Warsaw Sports Marketing Center is now the Warsaw Sports Business Center, a name that better reflects the breadth of the center's expertise.
Shan Rammah, MBA '23, never expected to launch his own airport development firm before he graduated.
A group of female Pakistani entrepreneurs visited UO to connect with American investors, mentors, and executives, and to learn how to start and scale their own businesses in Pakistan.
How do you incentive recycling in the aerospace industry? New research coauthored by Nagesh Murthy, Eren Çil, and coauthor sought to answer that question.
"I'm gratified that I've contributed to so many organizations' export success in my role as a commercial diplomat for the USA."
In his new book, sports business instructor Yoav Dubinsky discusses how the U.S. Women's National Team's on-field success in the World Cup has made the players an integral part of sports diplomacy initiatives.
The Lundquist College's Professional Edge program hosted Taking Flight: The Future of Women’s Sports Business, whose attendees had one common goal in mind—accelerating the business of women's sports.
Oregon MBA students produced the Summit for Sustainable Organizations, a new event for people and organizations looking to connect and address issues in the field of sustainable business practices.
The Oregon Innovation Challenge, an additional potential avenue for students across campus to begin their journey toward entrepreneurial success, announced its 16 grant awardees in spring term.
The Lundquist College is investing in real estate education, and students, alumni, and industry partners agree that professional opportunities abound in the field.