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Affiliations: Economics, SAIL, Oregon Executive MBA
Phone: 541-346-1259
Office: Prince Lucien Campbell 533



Glen Waddell is a professor of economics at the University of Oregon. He teaches managerial economics at the Oregon Executive MBA in Portland, Oregon.

His research interests are in the economics of education, health economics, risky behaviors, personnel economics, and the importance of physical and qualitative spaces in determining economic outcomes. He teaches micro principles, labor, and industrial organization at the undergraduate level, and contract theory, labor, and advanced econometrics at the graduate level.

Degree History:
  • PhD, Economics, Purdue University, 2000
  • MS, Economics, Purdue University, 1998
  • MA, Economics, Miami University, 1996
  • BS, Economics, Trent University, 1995
Professional Leadership:
  • Associate Editor, Economics of Education Review
  • Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) in Bonn, Germany
Honors and Awards:
  • Mortar Board Professor of the Term, University of Oregon, Winter 2008
  • Feldman Faculty Fellowship, University of Oregon, 2007
  • Junior Professorship Development Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
  • Summer Research Award, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon, 2004
  • William J. Walsh Fellowship, University of Oregon, 2002
  • New Faculty Award, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, University of Oregon, 2002
  • Reinhold Foundation Award, University of Oregon, 2001

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Journal Articles:

Lindo, Jason M., Isaac D. Swensen, and Glen R. Waddell. "Alcohol and Student Performance: Estimating the Effect of Legal Access." Journal of Health Economics 32, no. 1: 22-32.

January 2013

Cuffe, Harold E., William T. Harbaugh, Jason M. Lindo, Giancarlo Musto, and Glen R. Waddell. "Evidence of the Efficacy of School-Based Incentives for Healthy Living." Economics of Education Review 31, no. 6: 1028-1036.

December 2012
December 2012

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October 2012

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November 2011

Barron, John M., Dmitriy V. Chulkov, and Glen R. Waddell. "Top Management Team Turnover, CEO Succession Type, and Strategic Change." Journal of Business Research 64, no. 8: 904-910.

August 2011

Waddell, Glen R., and Larry D. Singell Jr. "Do No-Loan Policies Change the Matriculation Patterns of Low-Income Students?" Economics of Education Review 30, no. 2: 203-214.

April 2011
September 2010

Dincer, Oguzhan C., Christopher J. Ellis, and Glen R. Waddell. "Corruption, Decentralization and Yardstick Competition." Economics of Governance 11, no. 3: 269-294.

June 2010

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June 2008

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March 2008

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October 2007

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July 2007

Curs, Bradley R., Larry D. Singell Jr., and Glen R. Waddell. "Money for Nothing? The Impact of Changes in the Pell Grant Program on Institutional Revenues and the Placement of Needy Students." Education Finance and Policy 2, no. 3: 228-261.

June 2007

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July 2006

Barron, John M., and Glen R. Waddell. "Executive Rank, Pay and Project Selection." Journal of Financial Economics 67, no. 2: 305-349.

February 2003

Barron, John M., Bradley T. Ewing, and Glen R. Waddell. "The Effects of High School Athletic Participation on Education and Labor Market Outcomes." The Review of Economics and Statistics 82, no. 3: 409-421.

August 2000
Book Chapters:

Blonigen, Bruce A., Ronald B. Davies, Helen T. Naughton, and Glen R. Waddell. "Spacey Parents: Spatial Autoregressive Patterns in Inbound FDI." In Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise, edited by Steven Brakman and Harry Garretsen. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

January 2008

Curs, Bradley R., Larry D. Singell, Jr., and Glen R. Waddell. "The Pell Program at Thirty Years." In Higher Education Handbook of Theory and Research Vol. XXII, edited by John C. Smart, 281-334. New York: Springer.

January 2007