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UO Accounting #1 in Tax Research

The University of Oregon is the top school for tax research in the world, according to newly released rankings compiled by Brigham Young University (BYU).

BYU annually ranks accounting research productivity and influence at universities across dozens of categories and areas of inquiry. By assessing cumulative research efforts in six-, 12- and all-year blocks, BYU seeks to avoid a scenario where a single star researcher is dominating the rankings. The #1 ranking for six and 12 years speaks to the currency and relevance of our accounting faculty's tax research. The number three ranking across all years showcases our reputation and depth of faculty inquiry in the field. The University of Oregon is ranked third for all years.

“We have been highly ranked for the past several years reflecting our dedication to research excellence," said Angela Davis, Jack O. Rickli Professor of Business and director of the School of Accounting at the Lundquist College of Business.

“Achievement at this level doesn't happen overnight," Davis said. “More than a decade ago, our leadership and donor community implemented a plan to invest in and build the School of Accounting to what it is today."

Citing the efforts of Professor Emerita Helen Gernon and Scharpf Professor of Accounting David Guenther, Davis added, “our strategic investments and hard work have paid off."

In the end, the outside recognition helps bolster our already impressive return on investment.

As we continue to enhance our programming, tapping into and applying that excellence, our students are the true winners, benefitting from the unique perspective research active faculty bring to the classroom.

“These researchers are teaching our students," Davis said. “For students to have access to these esteemed scholars is really exciting."