Inner Circle May 2016

Campaign Champions

The starting gun sounded in October 2014 when the University of Oregon announced the audacious goal of raising $2 billion, our greatest fundraising effort ever. The campaign will fund unprecedented levels of access for deserving students, excellence in teaching and research, and a greatly enriched student experience. And the Lundquist College of Business is responsible for $100 million of the goal.

As a business college, we are uniquely positioned to contribute significantly to the UO's fundraising initiative. In fact, we like to think we serve as an anchor on the track team that is the University of Oregon's campaign. You have helped us raise 2/3 of our support goal since the campaign launched. Our endowment has grown to $32 million during the campaign so far and campaign gifts total $68.2 million. Thank you.

The first heat is complete, but the race is ongoing. As the campaign nears the final turn before the home stretch, we believe you, our supporters, will help us close the gap.

My top funding priorities are:

MBA Scholarships
MBA scholarships are our greatest recruiting tool. The best and brightest students have many choices for their graduate education. Some have told us frankly that they would prefer to attend the University of Oregon, but other schools have more competitive scholarship packages. Scholarships go well beyond easing the burden of debt to the student. Gifts to MBA scholarships also support our rankings. Good showings in the rankings promote our programs in a way no other mechanism can, alerting the best faculty and staff around the nation and the world to all the Lundquist College has to offer, which impacts overall program health.

Faculty Excellence
At its absolute core, the University of Oregon's mission is research and teaching. In this way, recruitment and retention of preeminent scholars is paramount. The university aims to fund and add 80-100 new tenure-track faculty positions. This will dramatically expand the number of faculty engaged in cutting-edge research, which in turn addresses some of society's greatest and most urgent needs. Giving to faculty excellence also enriches the college and larger university by building on already robust research and learning opportunities, while raising our eminence among public higher education institutions. In many ways, our faculty members are our greatest assets.

Unrestricted Funds
The president has given us the charge of being actively entrepreneurial in all of our programs. By giving to the college's Investors Fund, you help us harness the potential of existing programs and add services where there is demonstrated need. Giving to the Investors Fund allows us to seize opportunities as they are presented, as well as to strategically invest resources in key priorities.

Thank you for your support. Our alumni and friends are simply the best. I would also like to thank Kurt Zimmerman and the entire development team for their dedication to the Lundquist College and the wonderful support they have given me this year while interim dean. As our fundraising efforts surge into high gear, we are digging deep to reach that finish line as champions. Say it with me, GO DUCKS!


Illustration image of James Terborg handwritten signature James Terborg
Interim Dean and Professor Emeritus of Management